Tears, sweat and blood in the Sangalli

Luca Sangalli and Frame Sangalli will meet this Sunday for the first time in a official match, the first with the shirt of the Real Sociedad B and the second with that of the Oviedo, on a day that will be very exciting for both of them and their family, after a ictus and one serious injury were about to withdraw prematurely to the txuriurdin. The now carbayón also gave some scare, but the two arrive at the appointment of Anoeta with a smile on his mouth.

Marianists, their beginnings

Marco and Luca started kicking the ball in their Marianist College of San Sebastián and their skills soon led them to be signed by the Real. Already in ZubietaDue to his age, Marcos, the opportunity came with the first team before the eldest, than with 21 years debuted with a txuriurdin set that I played the Champions and in which in his position Xabi Prieto and Carlos Vela blocked his way, so he had to leave.

Sports Alavés, Mirandés, Alcorcón and Oviedo have enjoyed his level and professionalism, while his brother little, Luca, he took the witness in the Real, but not before fighting a lot if he reached the elite, with blood, sweat and tears along the way.

Finally it’s time to enjoy

And is that Luca had to wait for the 23 years to get to First, despite the fact that he had stood out a lot in the subsidiary, and when he did, in 2018, saw about two months a stroke endangered his career, for the first time. The news caught Marco in the Alcorcón, from where he traveled to be with his family at such a difficult time. As if it were a story, almost without training he played the weekend and He scored a goal which, evidently, was dedicated to his brother.

The txuriurdin was able to return to play a few months But, when the tranquility seemed to have reached the family, it was the older brother who gave the scare, when vanishing with the Oviedo in a match, happily as a consequence, of a indisposition and not a major problem.

Football was going to give another blow later to Luca, to which one serious injury to his left knee took him to the operating room twice and threatened his career again, but after 17 months off could reappear.

After so much suffering, The Sangalli will live this Sunday in Anoeta a very special day, seeing the faces of the two brothers … on the green. ‘Enemies’ only for 90 minutes.

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