Tebas: “If they harm the competition, the distribution of income will have to be changed”

ANDhe president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, he returned to slide possible measures “to protect the competition” from future attempts to create the Super League. “They would not be sanctions, because there are no competencies for it,” he added, but made it clear that they will study changing the way in which the television money is distributed if the income falls due to the acts of the founding clubs of the Super League.

“It is a suspension, it has not been paralyzed. The project will resume when it is considered that the right circumstances are legally given. I am not within UEFA’s legal advice, maybe if I had been I would have taken an option earlier. President Ceferin He has already said it: justice is slow and will come, there is no more. The issue of the Super League is not an end point if UEFA sanctions or stops registering, the end point is when the idea ceases to exist. In my opinion it is not over and what must be done is that it does not happen again. I am much more concerned about FIFA’s position than if Real Madrid or Barcelona play the Champions League next year. If they play, the better, but the posture of Infantino I worry a lot more. ”

Fines to Real Madrid and Barcelona for the Super League, as in the Premier:

“The Premier has fined their clubs and has also modified their disciplinary regime and, if they repeat again, they take 30 points from the competition. They have more disciplinary powers than LaLiga has with their clubs. Let’s not forget that we both belong a Sports federations. We have no jurisdiction to sanction nor is it considered that any of our statutes have been breached. What we do have to see is how we can change to protect ourselves from competitions that would endanger the League, and the lives and existence of all the clubs that did not compete in that Super League.

“If someone carries out acts that cause economic damage to your competition, then the economic aspect of the competition will have to be tweaked. No sanctions, but it’s easy to understand: if audiovisual rights go down because a Super League is created, the distribution should change “, he said to finish.

Alliance with the NBA

Tebas was the protagonist in the presentation of ESC MADRID, the sports and educational complex in which LaLiga and the NBA will coexist in Madrid and that these days has begun its final phase of construction whose completion is scheduled for the year 2022. A multidisciplinary complex of 42,000 m2 that will have soccer fields, basketball pavilion, gym for high performance, swimming pool, dining room, game rooms, library and residence for 450 athletes, as well as an international school. The complex will serve as the headquarters of part of LaLiga Business School and will serve as the headquarters of the first NBA Basketball School in Spain.

Along with the president of LaLiga was Chus Bueno, vice president of NBA operations for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The manager of the US championship showed his enthusiasm for this project together with his new LaLiga partners: “We are very excited and looking forward to starting our activity at ESC Madrid and delighted to share space and generate synergies with La Liga. For the NBA, creation is essential spaces like the future NBA School in which we can make basketball grow with grassroots training “.

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