The acid test for Vicente Moreno

ANDThe coach of the Spanish, Vicente Moreno, faces a new stage as a blue and white in which he will lead a project that, at least, aspires to stay in First, something that the coach did not achieve with Mallorca, with whom he also rose in 2018-19 and returned to Second the following year.

Start of preseason

The second stage of Vicente Moreno leading the team starts this Sunday. The template will undergo PCR tests, according to the sanitary protocols of The league, to rule out that there is someone infected with coronavirus in the staff. Tomorrow, Monday, the block will carry out the usual physical and medical tests.

The group’s first training session will be on July 6 at the Dani Jarque Sports City. The first part of the preparation will take place in this scenario until the 18th of the same month. The 17th, the Spanish will play his first friendly against him Nastic of Tarragona in the Nou Municipal from the Tarragona town.

As of July 19, and until July 30, the blue and white squad will move to Marbella, where he will perform the second large part of the preseason. The club is working to close more friendlies, still to be finalized, to get to the premiere of The league visiting Osasuna the weekend of August 14.

A single goal

The project coach, Vicente Moreno, faces the challenge of consolidating Spanish in a category where, by history, he is obliged to remain. The season in the Second Division was meteoric, achieving promotion with four days remaining, but in the First Division the ecosystem they are measured is very different.

The club has recognized that the economy of the entity is very marked by the salary limit. The capital increase approved at the Shareholders’ Meeting of 38 million euros, carried out at the end of June, allows a certain margin to go to the market. In any case, no big news is emerging.

Vicente Moreno will have, in general terms, the same footballers with whom it has initialed the promotion to LaLiga Santander. The harmony between the coaching staff and the players is positive and everyone is convinced that they will be able to transfer the sensations from Second to First.

In any case, neither footballers nor technicians hide that the demand will be greater. Both because of the level of the rivals in the competition and because of the bar of the parakeet fans themselves, who will not accept another season with suffering, as happened in the course that sent them to Second.

In this way, the credit with which it starts Vicente Moreno, his work team and the rest of the workforce is high. They have earned it by going up to First without hesitation. However, it is no secret that the results, in football, if they are not as expected, tend to erase good memories.

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