The ‘Arambarri formula’ to leave Getafe


ANDhe name that is ringing the most in recent days for Getafe It’s of Mauro Arambarri. And even more since Angel Torres confessed in ABC of Seville that the Uruguayan is very likely not to complete the two years that he has left in the Coliseum. His 25 million clause seems prohibitive for teams like Lopetegui or other clubs of international prestige that have asked about your situation. But there is a more affordable formula for this to come out.

The Getafe has 50% of the rights of Arambarri, sharing the other half with Boston Rivers. So that $ 25 million clause could be cut in half. Buy the part of Getafe It seems like the most viable option and with those 12.5 million disbursements to share with the Uruguayan team the rights of the bomb.

This in addition could facilitate Valencia join the bid. The Uruguayan is one of the wishes of Jose Bordalás and also Angel Torres warned that the Alicante had already call to the charrúa to ask if he was willing to go to Mestalla. The 12’5 is also a very complicated option for Lim and company and, under no circumstances, is that outlay considered. Long summer with Arambarri, although with possible formulas to lower his signing price.

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