The Basque Government asks that responsibilities be assumed for the trip to the final

The club opened the trip to relatives of players and managers when the outputs of the Basque Country should have a greater justification than watching a football match

ANDl Basque government censors Athletic. The rojiblanco team decided to invite relatives of players and managers to the final against Barcelona. Bingen Zupiria, spokesman for the executive, has been clear in the press conference that has followed the Governing Council. “That someone assume some responsibility”, has responded when it has been questioned on the matter.

Euskadi has been living with travel limitations for weeks. The exceptions for mobility are for reasons of study, work, health, for the care of the elderly or minors, renewal of permits and official documentation, as well as other administrative procedures that cannot be postponed, required or urgent actions before public, judicial or notarial bodies. , or due to duly justified force majeure. Attendance at a football match, no matter how much it is a final, has a very weak argument based on the requirements established in the case of family members, both players and managers.

The Executive spokesman did not want to be very incisive in the situation created by the recent trip to Seville of companions in the Athletic delegation, and has chosen to emphasize that “I am not aware that they left Euskadi, they did not pass any Ertzaintza control”. Nevertheless, tAll travelers passed a control at Loiu airport before the trip with a safe passage representation.

Nevertheless, the discomfort of the authorities is clear when the CCAA has been confined for weeks and citizens have not been able to travel or visit relatives from other communities, or to second homes or carry out any activity away from the Basque Country not subject to the regulatory precepts and each time they have left they have had to with proof.

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