The Basque Government warns that the recognition of the champion will be private


The Security Council coordinates with local institutions and also contacts Athletic and Real Sociedad to rule out concentrations after the final

ANDhe Basque Government is emphatic in the idea that the Cup final can not move to the streets. The executive, in coordination with local and territorial authorities as well as with Athletic and Real Sociedad, rules out concentrations after the La Cartuja duel. Ertzaintza and Municipal Police will be up to date on Saturday and the first hours of Sunday to comply with the curfew schedule and the institutions promise that the champion has a private recognition the days after the game.

Josu Zubillaga, Deputy Minister of Security of the Basque Government, has highlighted on Radio Euskadi that “the reception or recognition will be private. We establish devices to help prevent. To this day, it is not known how the reception will be and the important thing is that it is not known. We cannot break the rules. I don’t think there will be celebrations but there will be recognitions. “

Zubillaga reiterated that “human life is more important than the Copa del Rey and you have to be clear about it. The Cup is very important, but we risk the welfare of the entire society. There will be more Ertzaintza and Municipal Police officers in the street, but it is possible that given the time of the game, people will decide to go home before 10 pm to follow the entire final from their homes. “

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