The ‘big four’ play Zamora


The goalkeepers of the teams that opt ​​for the title fight to be the goal less thrashed in LaLiga

Si Atlético de Madrid, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Seville are starring in a vibrant fight to be League champion, this struggle is being repeated in the conquest of the Zamora Trophy, in which its porters are immersed.

MARCA Awards. 02. Matchday 34. Season 2020-21Graphic: BRAND Source: OPTA

Jan Oblak, like his Atlético, leads the classification by only conceding 22 goals in the 34 games he has played, with a coefficient of 0.65. Against Elche he added his 17th matchday with a clean sheet. The rojiblanco opts to win his fifth Zamora and match Ramallets and Víctor Valdés, the two goalkeepers who have conquered him on the most occasions.

MARCA Awards. 03. Matchday 34. Season 2020-21Graphic: BRAND Source: OPTA

The current defender of the Trophy, the madridista Courtois it follows closely in the standings. The Belgian, winner of three Zamoras, it has only fitted 24 goals in 34 games, with a coefficient of 0.71, and has left his goal intact in 16 games. The sevilllista Bond is third, with one less encounter, with 21 goals in 29 games and the azulgrana Ter Stegen is the fourth in discord: 27 goals in 28 games.

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