The casting of the sub 21 gets tougher

In the Selection It is not worth being a good player, here we seek excellence “, is one of the phrases that he repeats the most Luis de la Fuente year after year and generation after generation when he makes the U21 teams. The Riojan coach is not satisfied with winning every match he plays, he seeks to show a level worthy of a federation like the Spanish one and therefore, he has no doubt that the only way possible is perfection.

Due to this, in a qualifying phase in which the presence in the next European and many of the rivals are of a clearly inferior level, the work is focused on creating a powerful group that competes with the best teams and fights for the continental title.

At the moment, with five rounds played, the goals of the coaching staff are getting closer and closer and the U21 squad is being defined little by little. In fact, it seems clear that the spinal column has very clear names. The center of defense is for French and Guillamón, Turrientes and Vencedor are fixed in the medullary, Sergio Gomez is the owner of one of the two gangs and Abel ruiz He is the center forward he is betting on From the source.

From now on, Miranda He also has the confidence of the coach although he cannot fall asleep watching how he squeezes Manu Sánchez, Sancet He has an advantage in the creation zone and the last position of the attack is wide open.

Sergio Gómez, a leader

His goals and assists in the October games made him the most decisive footballer of the Selection and a month later, the situation has not changed. Sergio Gomez He is one of the leaders in the field with his overflow, powerful shot and ability to associate with the ball but he also excels outside. He is one of those in charge of integrating the new ones with his constant jokes in the locker room and throughout the concentration.

With this level of maximum demand, up to nine players who debuted the generation in September are not on this list for one reason or another. Between injuries, calls from the absolute and technical decisions, the team has changed almost 50% and the lead is where it is being seen the most. From the source keep looking for a partner to Abel ruiz with Fer Niño, Azón or Camello of opponents. Now it adds up Lobete that without being a center forward, he has shown to have a goal. The casting does not stop and Selection appreciates it.

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