The Champions beats Atlético

The cruel episode against Milan It is not something specific in this edition of the Champions League for an Atlético who, as Giménez recognized, he’s having a hard time playing this tournament. The 4 points out of 15 they are the best summary of a situation that has become critical after the last defeat and that has the rojiblancos 90 minutes from what would be a very tough elimination.

But to solve the future we have to wait until December 7. Among San Siro and Das Antas two duels will be played for him to enter rojiblancos, Porto and Milan buy the ticket for the second round next to Liverpool. 180 minutes to contemplate if Simeone’s men consume the bump or end up taking flight. To achieve the second here several points of what is being done wrong since the participation began in the month of September.

Nerves gripping

Atlético has not entered well in any of the five games. In the two before him Liverpool got two goals against before half an hour (although it is true that in Madrid the rojiblancos did give a good version). Versus Porto and Milan, both in the Metropolitano, went out timorous and at the mercy of teams that are not superior to those of Simeone. Even in the San Siro duel that they ended up winning, they were devastated while the locals played with 11. Five games and not one in which Atlético did not come out nervous, overcome and without the proper attitude to play a Champions League match.

Junior goal (0-1) at Atlético 0-1 Milan

Nine players have the same goals or more than Atlético

We all agreed at the beginning of the season that Atlético had put together the greatest arsenal of offensive talent in a long time. To the Suárez, Joao and Correa were joined by Cunha and Griezmann. Five top tips that should guarantee goals that are not coming. In fact, barely Antoine has scored a play (two goals to the Pool, one in San Siro), while Suárez did it from the penalty spot.

That is, four goals in five games. In other words, only one player scoring on the move. That is, the entire squad has signed the same targets or less than up to nine players (Nkunku, Mahrez, Salah, Haller, Gonçalves, Benzema, Lewandowski, Sané and Cristiano) of the competition. A terrifying fact for the rojiblancos interests.

Just 3 minutes ahead of 450 ‘

The terrible rojiblanco tournament is reflected in several data. The one with the four points. The one with the four goals. The one with the four games in a row fitting. But perhaps the one that best summarizes his participation is that of the scarce three minutes in which he has gone ahead on the scoreboard. Those who passed from Suárez’s 1-2 at San Siro until the end of the duel.

An example of the lack of initiative of the current LaLiga champion in a Champions in which he is grieving. Despite everything, a resounding victory in Porto can take him to the second round unless Milan repeat result with Liverpool. Looking at their numbers so far you can understand the rojiblanco optimism to move forward in Europe after the gloomy classification.

No player at his level

Beyond the specific failures of Simeone, which there were, the reality is that no rojiblanco player was at his usual level. The defense made waters both in the axis and in some bands in which, for example, Llorente is far from his best version. Koke, De Paul and Lemar were outclassed by means of a more physical, intense and orderly Milan. Something that already happened in the double clash against Liverpool and that has become common. As if that were not enough, he has lost punch despite the level of players like Griezmann or Suárez. Everyone, without exception, was far from his level.

Simeone: “The Champions League does not forgive you”

Not punctual … 3 wins in the last 14 games

The result of Milan is not something specific. Not even the bad Champions of this course. The red-and-white drift in this tournament has been a constant since the historic 2-3 at Anfield. 14 games in which he has barely won three (both from Salzburg last year and Milan at San Siro), with four ties (both from Lokomotiv from 20-21, Bayern and Porto) and seven defeats! (Leipzig, Bayern, both from Chelsea, both from Liverpool and Milan)

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