The ‘change’ of Correia in Valencia: another 592 days later is felt at Mestalla

The ovation of the public when he was substituted is the personal reward after his ill-fated debut at Mestrlla in October 2019 where he sowed doubts

Between the Thierry Correia of October 2, 2019 … and the Thierry Correia of May 16, 2021. 592 days have passed. Is he time that has elapsed since the public saw it live -and in person- on a field. After that baptism in the League, first before the Getafe and a few days later in the Champions League against him Ajax, disappeared from the eleven and the rotation. Just one game against Osasuna at El Sadar … but at Mestalla, zero. He was no longer seen in matches with fans in the following months. His people could no longer see him in person. Then came the pandemic … until last Sunday against Eibar.

Thierry has evolved … especially in recent months maybe with the tRanquility that has given him not being under pressure from fans watching him game after game on a field. Last Sunday he felt their presence again but his role has changed a lot since those hard months of September and October 2019.

Correia He was replaced in the 68th minute of the game by Cristiano Piccini … and received a warm and emotional ovation by the almost 3,000 attendees to the duel. Something had changed. And the Portuguese side himself felt that way. Total satisfaction because he has managed to turn a very complex situation around.

LHe bequeathed with the bell in the 2019 summer market. Piccini’s injury forced his signing. 12 million euros! A slab for the young man who was not even 20 years old. Its beginnings were involved with the dismissal of Marcelino and the arrival of Celades who used it with eyedropper.

A debut in September 2019 with a bad taste in the mouth

Correia is another. The confidence he has gained this season has made him take a radical turn in the situation. Not in vain He is seen with a very different future potential than the ‘shock’ that his first appearances caused in the stands. Especially that September 25 before him Getafe with 3-3 on the scoreboard. Lack of rhythm, disoriented in the field, without confidence … the seams to be done were seen excessively. But it was his debut, he had just landed in Valencia and his position was not easy.

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