The day that Rayo triumphed in a ‘playoffs’: “I stayed in my underwear”

ANDl Lightning is a rookie in this of the ‘playoffs’ of promotion to First division. It is the first time that the ‘fringe’ will fight to be in LaLiga Santander without margin of error, since his two promotions since the rule was implemented were direct (both in 2011 and 2018). Now, against Girona, they play being or not being.

However, there was a Rayo Vallecano who triumphed in a promotion playoffs during this century. It was in the 2007-08 season after the ‘fringe’ fell to hell in Second Division B four years earlier. The regular season had been spectacular, but it was necessary to pass a tie against Zamora that got uphill.

There were very good pieces, but we were not coupled; it cost us a lot … but we all went to one

“There were very good pieces, but we weren’t coupled. It cost us a lot. Until Christmas it took us to make the team in quotes, but we all went to one. The truth is that from that moment everything came out“, account Charly llorens to MARCA, left back of that team and other historical figures such as Alavés, Atlético de Madrid and Osasuna.

Llorens in the pineapple to celebrate Pachón's goal
Llorens in the pineapple to celebrate Pachón’s goalDiego G. Souto

El Rayo came with a 0-1 income from Zamora, but in Vallecas the sentence was slow to arrive. The goal was given by Pachón, at the exit of a corner, and the neighborhood exploded with joy. At last the well was left behind. The celebration of that success is still remembered: invasion, the players on their shoulders … and without clothes.

When we got to the field about two hours before it was bursting. We didn’t believe it. When finished, the invasion of the entire audience … it was beautiful. I stayed in my underwear. It was a year round, I’ve had that year recorded “, Llorens recalls with a laugh.

At the end, the invasion of the entire audience … it was beautiful; I stayed in my underpants … a year round

Charly, who has always said that Rayo Vallecano is, together with Alavés, the two teams where he has felt most comfortable, He is now a coach and believes that Pepe Mel was key to that success: “That year everything went smoothly for us. We had a great team and a great coach who knew how to do pineapple.”

And it is that Llorens himself recognizes that the game got very complicated, but it was the people of the neighborhood who took it forward. “We saw that the game against Zamora could escape us, but I think Vallecas was key. He has something special that in difficult moments makes the team go out“, he assures.

Pachón, author of the promotion goal, is carried away by the fans
Pachón, author of the promotion goal, is carried away by the fansDiego G. Souto

Now, Llorens is one more rayista and recognizes that it would be “a blow” for him if Rayo did not ascend. “It would take me a blow if Rayo Vallecano didn’t get promoted this year. I trust the team a lot. I think Iraola has done it perfect. They have to culminate with promotion.”, encourages. In addition, it is clear who is your favorite. In addition to Oscar Trejo, as a good winger, the player who pays the most attention is Fran garcia: “He looks a lot like me. Offensively he is going well up and, although he has to improve at the back, I predict very good years for that kid.

This Sunday Rayo Vallecano has an appointment with history. This time it will be only 1,500 fans who will be able to push the team and have the difficult mission of multiplying by 10 to try to match the atmosphere of that June 15, 2008 that everyone has on their retina. A day when the neighborhood made history.

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