The disaster to the cube of Valencia

Ownership, squad and coach, three disappointments that have led the club to ridicule this season

ANDl Valencia is a disaster. You will find the affirmation in every corner of the city. Even in every soccer bar get-together you are having breakfast on Calle San Vicente or on Ronda de Dalt or in Castella itself. It is something that has been established as absolute truth. The fact is that Valencia is a disaster … to the cube, I would add that my children are beginning to study powers.

The property is a disaster. Lim’s thing with Murthy and his cronies in Valencia has no name. The team is stumbling around, with no one to order and command and leave absolutely. It has politicians on the warpath, money pressing and doubting the payments (we will see in June) and with the fans setting up weekly protest ‘scenarios’. The club, as such, is a pity, it has disappeared and its owner, while climbing some positions on the Forbes list, is more aware of whether the Manchester of his colleagues wins the Europa League than to put any decisive mind on Valencia. More of the same.

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The problem is that the leg of the property has taken the second leg of the project ahead. Coach and sports management. The coach has long since resigned. Well, he made the charge available to the club to collect and the club happened to pay him. And there it is. Almost to be. Putting on the face of a good man (which he is) but with the same interest as I did at Red Bull Salzburg. He has decided that the players that the club brought him without warning in December are not going to play for real and he makes any caper, putting Guillem (the subsidiary’s center back) in Pamplona as a side to prevent Oliva from playing is difficult to understand, so that they continue on the bench.

That has pissed off Crown. That it is not that he paints a lot within the organization chart, but that he has the poster of Sports Director, technical secretary or potential scout. Call it what you want. Y It has led the club to such a disaster that Mestalla is going down to the fifth division and many of the good guys (like Fabio Blanco) are going to leave for free.

Faced with such a squared disaster, the third leg that has been broken arrives: the template. The start of the season question was. Does the squad have a level to fight for Europe? Such is the disaster that the question six months later is. Is the squad level to save the category?. The team has settled into a dangerous 14th place. But the worst thing is the feeling that each and every one of the players is having the worst season they are remembered for. From the goalkeeper to the striker. Everyone. When the club disappears and the coaching staff and sports management disappear, the player is left without demand. And that, together with the obvious reduction in quality, has caused the collapse.

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