The door number 2 of Benito Villamarín will be called Joaquín Sánchez

PFor the first time in history, the Benito Villamarin has named one of its access doors to honor one of its footballers. The chosen one is none other than their captain, Joaquin Sanchez, that from now on you will see how his name and several photographs of his professional career, both from his stage as a verdiblanco and with the Spanish team, appear on one of the entrances to the Heliopolitan venue.

The chosen door has been number 2, through which you can access the preferred platform of the Verdiblanco Coliseum. Own Joaquin, accompanied by the club president, Angel Haro, the vice president, José Miguel López Catalan, and the director of institutional relations, Rafael Gordillo placeholder image, has been in charge of discovering the spectacular panel installed on door 2 of the Benito Villamarin, new gate Joaquin Sanchez.

Catalan, Gordillo, Joaquín and Haro at the door
Catalan, Gordillo, Joaquín and Haro at the doorREAL BETIS

The Betis yesterday announced the renewal of the Portuense for one more season, until June 30, 2022. Joaquin will continue to play with the shield of the Thirteen Bars with 40 years of age, which turns on July 23. Tonight, accompanied by his family, he is receiving a beautiful tribute from the club for his contract extension that has begun with the discovery of this new gate with his name in the stadium.

Joaquín, very excited

“I don’t know if I deserve these things because the lucky one is me so he Betis It has given me, for all that I am living. This is going to stay for a lifetime like ‘we’re going to stay at the door of Joaquin and that is very nice. I could never imagine something like this, “Joaquín said about the door that will bear his name in the stadium.

“It is not a renewal for his career, it is a renewal that has been earned in the field. We believe in Joaquin like a great player. We have two magnificent ambassadors, Joaquín and Gordillo. He represents the club’s values ​​like no one else, “said its president, Angel Haro. On the possibility that Joaquin one day he will be president, Haro has said: “To be president of the Betis it is a responsibility and an honor for any Betic, Joaquín is a great Betic and of course he can be a great president “.

“With Ángel, since I arrived here, there has been a perfect communication and we have supported each other in everything that has been happening every year. We are here to somehow take Betis to the top. I still feel strong, I follow myself feeling like a footballer. Shoemaker to your shoes … He is the one who carries this boat, the club has changed a lot for the better, we want it to continue growing every year. We have suffered with the pandemic, but we have enough weapons and people ready every year to continue growing on and off the field. Fortunately, I will do it on the inside, which is what I dream of, what I like and where I can contribute the most, “replied Joaquín.

Joaquín and Haro, next to door 2
Joaquín and Haro, next to door 2REAL BETIS

A successful season

“It is a season finale with the goal accomplished of entering Europe and with the last game that was superior. After asking 2-0 for the first half against a team like Celta, which had been doing things very well, in the second half we knew how to turn it around and it is celebrated much better that way, “he said Joaquin just before receiving the surprise of your new door.

The Joaquín Sánchez door of Benito Villamarín
The Joaquín Sánchez door of Benito VillamarínREAL BETIS

Regarding the video of its renovation, starring the actress Maria Galiana, has pointed out: “Yes, the truth is that people have congratulated me because the video is very emotional. María is charming, people have been moved. She always tells me the same thing, ‘Joaquín, as long as your body holds you and you see you able to continue enjoying football, go ahead. ”So happy, proud and happy to be able to enjoy another year and play with the team in Europe“.

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