The Europa League list, a key conditioning factor in planning

ANDhe next Monday, July 4, after 45 days of vacation since the end of his successful 2021-22 season, certifying his fifth place in the league at the Santiago Bernabéu, the first team of the Betis will return to work. And he will do it with an intense summer preparation schedule, with the start of the championship less than a month and a half away, and still pending several market movements in which the Sports Direction leadered by Antonio Cordon works to set up your template.

In this sports planning, in which it is weighed down by the salary limit, the Verdiblanco club is taking into account numerous factors. Among them, the UEFA Europa Leaguea competition in which the team he leads Manuel Pellegrini will repeat for the second consecutive year and that, due to its different conditions in the registration of players, it is necessary to carry out an exhaustive control with the footballers of their own training.

The Betis It was already forced last year to leave three players out of the group stage of the tournament (Sabaly, Camarasa and Joel Robles in September, Montoya, Paul and also Camarasa in January) by having more than 25 players and not meeting the number of records of professionals trained in their lower categories. And to prevent this from happening again, the Verdiblancos study in detail the different movements in and out of the squad.

Rober, a solution to complete List A

this past monday, ABC of Seville announced the intention of Betis to stay with Robert in his squad upon his return from half a season on loan in the palmsa decision that generates certain doubts in sports, but that would allow Pellegrini have one more in Europe since the Extremaduran does meet the minimum length of stay during his training stage in the lower categories to be registered as a youth squad. But this movement, if confirmed, would not completely solve the problem.

Counting on the three on loan that return (the aforementioned Robert, Loren Y Daniel Martin) and the transfers already closed due to lack of official status (Luis Felipe Y Luis Henrique), the Betis It currently has 29 players with a valid contract for the 2022-23 season. Of all of them, only Robert, Joaquin Y rodry They count as homegrown players, so those from Pellegrini they could only register 24 footballers in the List A of Europe (There must be at least four players trained in the club to cover the 25 available chips).

That is, even though Loren Y Daniel Martin they will not stay (a priori they seem not to count), Lainez was assigned (the Mexican this year due to age can no longer be registered in List B either) and camera was not recovered in time from his injury, the Betis would continue to be forced to rule out a footballer for Europe with his current squad… and one more for each player who arrived without another leaving said List A.

Ceballos or reduce staff, solutions

For the Verdiblancos, there are two solutions on the table in this matter. The first, to reduce its workforce and that, in addition to the foreseeable losses of Loren, Dani Y Lainez, end up leaving one more player than those who arrive from now on. The other, that the same number of players come out as those who arrive… but one of the signings or incorporations is a footballer who meets the requirement to be registered as a youth player.

And what footballers who comply with it are on the market? Without ruling out the possibility that one of the many homegrown players who will travel to the first preseason ‘stage’ in Austria I ended up convincing Pellegrini to make the leap, all eyes point here to Daniel Ceballoswho has shown his desire to return to the Betis and hope that the real Madrid do not put excessive obstacles on your return home. Because alternatives like Fabian Ruiz either Junior Firpowho also have the requirements to remain in the club during their training period, do not seem to be in the market or within shooting distance Betis Today.

Any other possibility, including that of increasing the number of elements in the Pellegriniwould entail the obligation to leave footballers out of List A for the group stage of the continental tournament, which this year is condensed in just over two months due to the celebration of the final phase of the Qatar World Cup between November and December. The solution, in the next few weeks. Although the objective, if the market allows it, is not to have to leave anyone available outside the group stage of the continental tournament.

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