The final is in danger for up to eight realistic players


The txuriurdin team begins to look at the appointment of next April 3 with many players in the Zubieta infirmary

Miguel angel Moyá, Joseba Zaldua, Aritz Elustondo, Aihen Muñoz, Jon Guridi, Nacho Monreal, David Silva and Luca Sangalli They begin in the Zubieta infirmary the two weeks prior to the Cup final against Athletic Bilbao on April 3, to which some try to arrive against the clock, while others already know that unfortunately they are going to lose what was the appointment of their lifes.

Luca Sangalli is a long-term injured and I already knew for a long time that he was going to miss the final. That thought is sure that Miguel Ángel has resisted having it Moyá, who underwent surgery on the external meniscus on February 8Thus, the time from then until the final seems less than that necessary to recover one hundred percent, especially as a goalkeeper.

Joseba Zaldua also has it very complicated, since it has been dragging problems throughout the season. It suffered a grade 2 fiber breakage a month ago, so it would come very right. The fact that Imanol has dosed Andoni Gorosabel, the other right-back of the dressing room, in recent matches, points to the one from Arrasate being chosen for La Cartuja.

Aritz elustondo figured in the same medical part as 2, with a spill on your right ankle. It seemed difficult for him to get to Seville, but Orio’s coach revealed on Friday that he is already training with the group, so it might be available.

Silva and Monreal are expected to be one hundred percent

Jon Guridi and Aihen Muñoz are the last to be injured, in training on Friday and Saturday of last week, and their muscle breaks point to not letting them play the final, especially in the case of the first.

Nacho Monreal, Although your recovery is taking longer than expected, and David Silva, with which there has been maximum caution after the blow he suffered two Sundays ago in Granada, They are the ones who have the most options to be in that decisive appointment, also forming part of the starting team.

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