The Final Word: Derrick Henry headed for Hall of Fame and Dak Prescott playing at MVP level

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Neil Reynolds of Sky Sports has the final say in week six in the NFL; join Neal and the guests at Inside the Huddle every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on the Sky Sports NFL as they recall the weekend’s highlights …

In week six, things were mixed as the NFL unveiled several thrillers that went unnoticed, including three games overtime on Sunday and a big win on Monday night for the Tennessee Titans thanks to late defensive stances in fourth and third. play against Buffalo Bills.

A Sunday visit to Ohio to meet the Cleveland Browns looked like a daunting challenge for the undefeated Arizona Cardinals. They didn’t have head coach Cliff Kingsbury, Pro Bowl center Rodney Hudson, and Chandler Jones’ star pass. But these cardinals make us all believe.

Arizona ran out of a comfortable 37-14 winners over the Browns’ unfortunate and underperforming side. It would have been an even bigger devastation if Baker Mayfield hadn’t made a Hail Mary landing before halftime. Cleveland never scored again.

The Cardinals are embarrassed to get rich offensively: Kyler Murray passes the ball to Chase Edmonds, James Conner, DeAndra Hopkins, Christian Kirk, A.J. Green and Rondale Moore. Pro Bowl titan Zach Ertz can be added to this mix soon. But the defense, led by veteran JJ Watt, was also strong on Sunday, sacking Mayfield and intercepting five times. This is a full-fledged team and a real contender.

Following Buffalo’s defeat on Monday night, early-season mapping shows the AFC road to the Super Bowl will pass through Baltimore. The longtime winners survived a pre-season nightmare filled with key injuries and were written off after their first week defeat to Las Vegas.

But the Ravens have won five in a row since then, including an all-out 34-6 defeat to the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday. What impressed me most was that such an all-encompassing victory could have been recorded without a single star shining brighter than others.

None of the runners scored more than 53 yards, but the Ravens rushed for 187 and three points. Lamar Jackson threw just 167 yards and was hit twice with none of the receivers exceeding 68 yards. Defending himself, Baltimore looked his best; keeping the chargers just 26 yards away and making Justin Herbert feel uncomfortable on a long and miserable day.

Let’s start with the good news. The Kansas City Chiefs scored 499 yards and Patrick Mahomes scored 397 of those and two touchdowns in a 31-13 win over the Washington Football team, which tied Kansas City’s record 3-3.

But there is much to worry about as the Chiefs made three more shifts to allow the bad team to last too long. Against a quality opponent, Kansas City would have a lot of problems. The chiefs have high NFL 14 losses over the season.

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