The Final Word: Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ firepower, David Culley’s dream coaching debut and concerns for Zach Wilson

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Sky Sports’s Neil Reynolds has the final say in a frantic first week that kicked off the 2021 NFL season; join Neal and the guests at Inside the Huddle every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Sky Sports NFL as they recall the weekend’s highlights …

The NFL is back! That’s the catchphrase the league used at the start of the weekend, and it’s fair to say that the NFL returned with pomp, circumstance and a high degree of drama with great games that pushed to their limits. There was also a lot of turmoil, which has become the norm any weekend in the NFL …

And that’s exactly what KC can do. They can flip the game in an instant with Mahomes, who threw 337 yards and three touchdowns, and a combination of hill and tight end Travis Kelsey, who collectively were good for 17 catches at 273 yards and three touchdowns.

Cleveland only scored seven points and turned the ball twice after half-time, and that’s the problem. You can’t take your foot off the gas at all when you run into bosses. Andy Reid’s men will always get their points, and although they had to dig deeper, I was not surprised to see them emerge victorious from 33 to 29.

On Sunday, the New Orleans Saints faced off against a strong rival in the Green Bay Packers – the team that made it to the last two games of the NFC Championship – and wiped them out completely. New Orleans’ 38-3 march over the Packers was one of the highlights of the first weekend.

Jamis Winston entered the competition as a new player in New Orleans, making just 11 assists in the entire past season. His last full campaign from Tampa Bay; Winston has made 30 interceptions, and his 111 rallies since entering the NFL in 2015 were the best in the league.

But on Sunday, Jamis was flawless, making five touchdown passes without picking a single pick. By contrast, reigning league MVP Aaron Rogers didn’t look happy (stop me if you’ve heard this before) and was thrilled with two interceptions behind a bad attacking line before being taken out of the game, and much of the fourth quarter remains to be played. …

We must avoid everything we see in the first week, with a warning that this is just one soccer game, not a guarantee of how future competitions will play out over the course of the season.

Los Angeles Rams fans won’t stand it! All they want is to enjoy the brilliance of Matthew Stafford under the direction of Sean McVeigh. This marriage between a strong defender and a head tactical coach can be really special.

McVeigh said he needed a defender’s partner, not a student. Stafford was everything the Rams could dream of, and more, in their 34-14 win over the Chicago Bears Sunday night when he threw 321 yards and three touchdowns. From the 67 and 56 yards landing strikes, it’s clear that these rams no longer need to plan their way across the field. They can score in a hurry.

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