The footballer 4.0

More and more players are putting themselves in the hands of professional data analysts to improve and strengthen their capabilities and their individual and collective performance

There are things that only geniuses can do, but there are other things that other players do not do, not for lack of talent, but because they have not been explained to them. “These words, which come from Marcelo Bielsa, could well define something that, apparently, should be logical:”Messi there is only oneIn other words, innate talent is the domain of only a few. To be among the elite of football, you have to work hard. And this is something that, for many, collides head-on with that aura of indolence that is sometimes associated with the footballer. But no, more and more people have a analytical workshop they turn to grease and, why not, perfect your football machinery.

Soccer is increasingly professionalized, so you have to know how to take advantage of all the tools at your fingertips

Adrián Embarba, Espanyol winger

“Soccer is more and more professionalized, so you have to know how to take advantage of all the tools at your fingertips“says Adrián Embarba, one of the most outstanding players in the SmartBank League, who has been working with an analyst for a year and a half on everything he does on the pitch, both the good and the bad. how to exploit my strengths against each rival, “adds the Espanyol winger.

Embarba celebrates one of his eight goals this season, in this case, against Logroñés /
Embarba celebrates one of his eight goals this season, in this case, against Logroñés /The league

The Madrilenian is one of those who thinks that the work of a footballer goes far beyond training with the group and the party on Sundays. For this reason, he believes that it is very useful to have someone help you polish details that, in the end, “make a difference in such an even world.” However, this support, according to the parakeet, has to be a critical voice, able to get you the appropriate messages in a clear way. “If not, it is impossible to improve,” he adds.


There are also other types of cases in which, without being leaders of the Second Division or of their own team, such as Espanyol and Embarba himself, they are given an important interest in improve own performance. This is the case of Ponferradina striker Dani Romera.

The man from Almería put himself in the hands of the Tactifut analysis company to improve both individually and collectively, and this work has provided him with tools that are helping him to perfect aspects as relevant in his area as placement in the field, receiving from behind or how to optimally combine with his partners.

I’ve been in the Second Division for four years and my purpose has always been to compete with the best, but you have to prepare thoroughly and this is a key extra in my preparation.

Dani Romera, Ponferradina forward

“I’ve been in Second for four years and my purpose has always been to compete with the bestBut if you want to be there, you have to prepare thoroughly. This is a key extra in my preparation, “acknowledges the Andalusian striker, who advocates this type of complement to his work on a pitch because, almost without realizing it, very beneficial results are achieved.

In his case, the analysis company he works with carries out exhaustive work with him, so much so that the feedback it begins as soon as a match is finished. “We talk to him; we listen to his feelings. Then we see all his actions with him, and we focus on concepts that can give you clues to anticipate what may happen“, explains Manu Rodríguez, co-founder and analyst of Tactifut, whose weekly work concludes by presenting the player with a game plan, in which through a video they show him the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and the footballers he is going to face.

Dani Romera tries to overcome Valjent in Mallorca-Ponferradina
Dani Romera tries to overcome Valjent in Mallorca-PonferradinaTooru Shimada

At present, it is quite strange that a team of maximum demand does not have a analysis department linked to sports management. Cartagena, for example, has a team led by Javier Madrid, whose experience in this type of work with players began four years ago, when he collaborated closely with Simeone and Atlético de Madrid.

“We do collective and individual reports (between pairs), always in line with the coach. We mainly work with videos, although we also use softwares of data analytics. We try to strengthen the footballer’s confidence“, assumes the also director of quarry of Cartagena, who believes that, in these times, having an analysis team is almost as important as having a good physical trainer.


One of the aspects that the Cartagena analyst does emphasize is as clear as it is simple: “We do not have the key to win all the games. Simply, we provide the team with one more tool to achieve victory. And through the videos we prepare we equip ourselves with weapons to reinforce the coach’s message “, explains Javi Madrid, who believes, with the data on the table, that Cartagena will be saved.

Everyone knows that to achieve excellence, you have to do your best

Federico Marco, director of Wasserman Spain

However, and in the event that a specific team does not have this type of services, there are cases in which the players’ representatives themselves provide them with this help. It was the case, for example, of Adrián Embarba, when changed agent a year and a half ago, and it is, also, in the case of the Wasserman agency, whose agents could be said to make them a real tailored suit to each of its represented.

Footballers always want to improve. And among our services, the one that stands out is offering them this type of support, which he then uses or not. Everyone knows that to achieve excellence, you have to make an effort, “says Federico Marco, one of the directors of Wasserman Spain, a company that has around 15 players in the Silver Division, like Juan José Narváez, from Real Zaragoza. among others.

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