The force of the Panda

Borja Iglesias relies on psychological work to overcome difficult situations and evolve on and off the pitch

DAfter a year and a half of crossing the desert, Borja Iglesias placeholder image has recovered its best version in the Betis. As he prepares for his team’s visit on Sunday to Valladolid to face the team that has scored the most goals in his entire career, the Panda reveals in a chat with BRAND the mental work that has helped him to get out of the pothole and face the future with optimism.

“I always try to give the best version of myself. The first year and the first part of the season came from a complicated situation, in which I was participating less than I would like, things did not work out when I was on the field. But I have always thought about working, learning from these situations, growing and now I am in a very good moment, “the Galician forward begins by explaining.

In this sense, it reveals a lesser-known section of its preparation: psychological work. “It’s been a while since a personal problem I had in Saragossa that he didn’t let me really enjoy what I was doing, working with Patricia Ramirez. And for me, it was a before and after in the way of understanding not only my profession, but the day to day life, how to live it, how to face it and look for situations that you can control 100% and not waste time in which you do not have can. And from everything you and your strong zone, try to be better, “he says.

Borja Iglesias, celebrating a goal
Borja Iglesias, celebrating a goalTHE LEAGUE

Psychological work was for me a before and after in the way of understanding not only my profession, but the day to day

Borja Iglesias, Betis player

“For me it is fundamental, it continues to be so. It is true that this year Patricia She no longer works so closely linked to football, but I am with Maria Cabrera, of her team, and in the difficult moments of the season, sitting in my study and being able to chat with her and look for solutions and personal improvements has given me a lot of life. It generates objectives for you that you just don’t know how to set “, explains the attacker of the Betis.

Borja does not hesitate to recommend psychological support for anyone who is in a complicated situation: “I invite everyone who has some kind of problem, a strange feeling that does not allow him to be himself or herself, to seek That escape route is fantastic. I have been fortunate to work with some incredible professionals who have helped me a lot both personally and professionally. “

Visualizing successful situations

“Sometimes we have it as a taboo subject and we always say that ‘maybe if I talk to the psychologist I am very bad’, but if you don’t talk it is when you really get sick. You have to try to counteract it and they have those tools. fantastic that help you rethink many situations “, says the Panda, which in just over two months has managed to completely straighten out its situation in the Benito Villamarin.

In addition, it helps you to think positive: “It is something that we continually visualize, that is another of the things that we work with psychologists, visualize successful situations that have not yet happened. It is true that I always think of goals that help the team. , that they qualify for competitions, that they can allow you to pass qualifiers, fight for a title … Hopefully, hopefully one day we can celebrate a goal of mine with Betis that is to win a title or qualify for something important, we will fight and work for it ” .

Borja Iglesias, celebrating a goal
Borja Iglesias, celebrating a goalRAMÓN NAVARRO

We always say ‘maybe if I talk to the psychologist I am very bad’, but if you don’t talk it is when you get really bad

Borja Iglesias, Betis player

One of those situations, without a doubt, could be a goal in a derby: “Really, it is one of those moments that we all want to live. I have played four derbies, some more and others less, but the truth is that it is something you dream of. from the moment you arrive, score a goal in these types of games and above all win it. But it is true that looking a little further, I like important goals in the sense that they move you in the classification at an important moment or they classify you, I really like those things and I would love to be able to do it because that would mean that the Betis he’s fighting for things and that’s what matters most. “

And if those goals could help him reach the national team one day, all the better: “The issue of the national team is something that we always have there, to be able to be there and contribute. I would love, logically, since I was a child it is an illusion that I have, hopefully one day I can be there and contribute, but for that you have to be well at your club and, above all, that the team is fighting for beautiful and important things, otherwise it is more complicated. “

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