The future of Gomes, in the air: his departure may be imminent

Djukic is the main candidate to replace him, although the names of Rubí, Sánchez Flores and Míchel also sound

ANDl Almería coach, José Gomes, live your most delicate moment since he landed in the Almeria discipline. And it is that the Almeria dome is reconsidering to look for a substitute for Portuguese coach after the draw against Mirandés in Anduva, a stadium where the Indians have never won, and that practically leaves the team with no options to continue to qualify for promotion.

The Andalusians, who They are going through the worst streak of the season after achieving a win in the last eight games and just seven points from the last 24 in play, They have accumulated two losses and the same number of draws in the last four games. The sensations are not entirely good in the last section of the course and in the club they already think about possible substitutes, where Quique Sánchez Flores, Míchel, Rubí and Djukic The Indians like them very much, although it is the name of the Serbian coach who has gained more strength to replace him. It is already known that the president likes to sign well-known coaches, even if they have no experience, although this time it seems that his thoughts have changed.

The rojiblanco team has the direct promotion to six points, in the absence of what Mallorca does against Sabadell. A victory for the vermilions would increase that cushion to nine, a practically insurmountable distance considering that there are only six games left until the end of the regular season.

Secure the ‘playoffs’ when before

Unionists also can’t relax and They will try to ensure the ‘playoffs’ in the next games, taking into account that they are seven points behind Girona, which is seventh. And it is that in recent days they have seen how their distance with their pursuers has been reduced considerably and, in addition, they have the average goal lost with most of them.

So far this year, the one from Matosinhos has achieved a balance of 18 wins, 8 draws and 10 losses. Since he came to the Almeria bench, he has broken several important records. Despite not having lost third place, the club believes that it is time to change the coach in order to improve the team’s dynamics.

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