The future of Zinedine Zidane is still surrounded by unknowns


NI Zidane knows what will happen to his future. The maxim says that without any title, the white coach does not follow.

Zinedine Zidane raised his voice on February 5 in an unusual gesture in French. He felt attacked. Criticisms came to him that he did not know, that he did not know where they came from and that he did not finish assimilating. Aimed at his figure and that of his players. I asked for respect and he drew on recent history to vindicate himself.

The team came from leaving part of the option of winning LaLiga and being eliminated in the Cup against Alcoyano and Zidane asked for respect and did so by stating that the team would arrive alive until the end of the season. And the truth is that now the situation is different.

¿It means the change of scenery that Zidane will continue on the Real Madrid bench yes or yes? There is nothing guaranteed. In the white club an unwritten maxim has been established by which the coach who does not win any of the so-called important titles, does not continue. Zidane knows it and that’s why he does not dare to affirm anything either regarding his future despite having one more year of contract.

The season is leaving shadows and highlights. About to start the month of April, Real Madrid He has options in the League and all in the Champions League, something that the other three Spanish teams that started the competition cannot say.

In the must, it is necessary to point out the management with some of the young players, who have not had opportunities and who have had to seek fortune away like Odegaard and even Jovic.

ZZ has been a white coach for five years in two stages, a time that is exhausting. It will judge if it is an obstacle to continue or not. Just in case, the club handles options of possible alternatives, as is logical.

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