The growth of the PSG and its social impact: 1,900 million in taxes, 2,150 jobs …


Con the occasion of the ten years that the PSG since it is owned by the investment fund of Qatar (QSI), the University of Limoges has made an exhaustive report on the economic and social impact that the club has had in France and especially in the Ile de France region through its Center for Law and Economics Studies (CEDES), one of the most prestigious of the Gallic club. According to the latest Forbes study, the PSG value is 2,500 million euros, with the highest growth in the last five years among major sports competitions (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and the major European football leagues), with 207%:

Fruit of four months of work, The study analyzes the consequences of the growth of the PSG these ten years in the economic fabric of the people; your fans, your sponsors and your local and national community.

Christophe Le Petit, study author understands that “PSG has experienced unprecedented economic growth in the city, the Paris region but also in the country. Product of a very constant strategy, has allowed it to be the club in Europe with the highest economic growth, with 21.3% per year since 2011, with the highest growth in revenue to 540.6 in 2020“.

According to CEDES calculations, PSG has generated more than 182.2 million euros for the French economy in the 19-20 campaign, which is divided into 145.8 million in primary economy, which is directly produced by the club through its events, and 36.4 million indirect secondary income or induced as a consequence of the impact of the primary ones.

The PSG also generates a great impact on the employment contribution. In 18-19, the club has contributed to the maintenance of 2,150 full-time jobs, of which 670 are direct, to which must be added 1,840 indirect that are sustained by the mobilization of the 800 companies that collaborate with the club.

Without entering the income in players, CEDES calculates in 102.2 million investment by the Qatari investment fund In these ten years in sports infrastructures for the club, between the Park of the Princes and the training center of Ooredoo, and in the different marketing, communication or sponsorship activities).

But PSG has also made a very significant contribution to France’s public coffers with 1,900 million euros of social and tax aid in these ten years (corporate and local taxes, social contributions to employees, income taxes) have been paid to the State in these ten years with a strong increase in the 2019-2020 season (269.3 million euros).

On social media, the growth is also enormous, going from 500,000 followers on all platforms in 2011 to exceed the 100 million today.

But Qatar’s most ambitious project is in the future Sports City of PSG in Poissy, which is scheduled for 2023 and whose impact includes the CEDES study. With an investment of more than 350 million euros, it mobilizes 1,000 jobs in this construction period and will house 200 permanent jobs once the ground is made reality. The new PSG center will place the club among the most valuable sports franchises in the world.

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