The harsh reality of Kangin: his future in Valencia, in the air and with the military service that is still pending

Son two situations that at the moment do not completely take away your sleep but they are there. Uncomfortable at the time. On the one hand it is his moment at Valencia, very uncomfortable. It ends in June 2022, it has already communicated to the club that its intention is not to renew despite the fact that the entity tried and its more than taken decision to abandon the Mestalla discipline.

The cards are turned on the table … and both parties are looking for the best possible exit. One from the player who he wants to get out of the negative dynamics that he considers to be in the Valencia squad. He does not feel the confidence of any technician and wants to go out no matter what.

The little that he has played in these games has been noticed. Has scored two goals and has been an asset of his selection despite not having the full confidence of his coach. But at least he has been ‘seen’.

The Games, without the double objective

And on the other was the option and hope to remove the thorn with what haunts him. The South Korean military service. It is mandatory and elite athletes must also go through this training stage. You have a margin of up to 28 years to postpone it and the option to achieve a Olympic medal or a title with the Korean team would exempt him of said obligation. But at the moment in these Games it has not been possible despite the blinks deposited in said combination. It was down in the quarterfinals after falling against Mexico.

The current Valencia player He was one step away from fighting for the medals since it did not happen of the quarterfinals of said tournament, in the prelude to the fight for the podium.

This is a problem that will haunt him throughout his professional career and that if he does not solve with an international feat with the South Korean team, his professional career will be cut short just at the key moment. Compulsory military service is more than two years, which can bury your career at its peak.

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