The Hundred: Kate Cross proud to be part of ‘history’ as tournament launches with women’s game

“I get tired of people hitting women’s cricket. What is happening is unstoppable: the girls who play cricket in clubs and schools want more, more, more and nights like that will provide them with more,” says Nasser Hussain of Sky Sports after The Hundred begins with the thriller Oval

Kate Cross hopes the Hundred’s brilliant opening game will inspire young people to get involved in cricket

Kate Cross enjoyed being a part of “history” after an exciting opening game at The Hundred that she hopes will inspire young people to get into cricket.

The Cross’ Manchester Originals team lost a bite to Oval Invincibles at The Kia Oval when The Hundred launched with a women’s match in front of a passionate crowd of around 7,400.

“What a night! I don’t think we could have asked for a better opening game,” said the Original Cross captain, whose three wickets came to no avail as the Invincibles reached their goal of 136 with two balls to spare, mostly thanks to a undefeated 56 of skipper Dane van Niekerk.

“It was a great game of cricket, which is what the tournament needed to start. I am disappointed that I did not win, but I told the girls beforehand that we are making history. The result was irrelevant.”

“We didn’t know what to expect from the crowd, but I had never played in front of a crowd like that in international cricket, Big Bash, or anywhere else.

“It’s amazing and I hope it inspires someone to pick up a cricket bat and go out and play with their brothers and sisters because it’s an amazing sport. Congratulations to the ECB for creating this.”

Sky Sports’ Nasser Hussain says women’s cricket is enjoying an “unstoppable” rise and feels the high-octane game between Invincibles and Originals will ensure that the crowds at The Hundred remain strong.

“I get tired of people hitting women’s cricket,” said the former England captain.

“We just saw India play England in a fantastic series, we just saw the quality of women’s cricket in [Invincibles vs Originals].

“What is happening is unstoppable: the girls who play cricket in clubs and schools want more, more, more and nights like that will give them more.

“You have to ask yourself the question after each of these games: Are the people who spent their money to come here happy they came and will they want to come back?

“What we do at Sky Sports is simple. The avatars look great, but that’s just the build-up. The only thing that counts is the 200 balls in the middle.

“We could have the best show in the world, but if cricket is rubbish, nobody comes back. I think everyone who came enjoyed that game and will want to come back and have more.”

See more action from The Hundred starting at 6pm on Sky Sports Thursday when a team from Oval Invincibles, including Jason Roy, take on Jos Buttler’s Manchester originals.

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