The Incredible Twelve-Figure NFL Television Contract !!

DTo say that the NFL is going to make gold in the next few years is an understatement under the new contract that it has just signed with different television platforms. ESPN, NBC and CBS, plus Amazon Prime Video, they are going to pay the nice sum of 113 billion dollars (95 billion euros) for the emission rights of the matches between 2023 and 2033. Eleven seasons in total.

This agreement will allow to considerably increase the salary cap of the 32 teams in the coming seasons, so we will see contracts even more juicy than the current ones, which in some cases already take away the hiccups. The NFL gets $ 5.9 billion a year on its current contracts, so it’s going to increase its revenue by 80 percent..

Fans will have better and easier access to the matches, thanks to digital platforms, which will play an important role in reaching the largest number of people.

A longer season

Another important issue that has not yet materialized is the desire of the media to extend the regular season by one week, something that has always been opposed by the Players Association ((NFLPA).

The idea is that it goes from 17 to 18, something that some US media take for granted and that could be announced at the end of the month. Which It is not ruled out is that the postseason is affected by this measure.

This millionaire deal contradicts the predictions of former President Donald Trump, which predicted that the league would lose many fans due to the attitude of many players to kneel when the anthem of the United States sounds in protest.

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