The judge legitimizes Libertad VCF as opposition to Peter Lim, but rejects the precautionary measures against Meriton

ANDl holder of Commercial Court number 1 of Valencia refused to apply precautionary measures against Meriton Holdings, a company that holds the majority of the club’s shareholding, but it does recognizes the role of Libertad VCF as an opposition platform to the management of Peter lim at the Mestalla club.

During the oral hearing held on June 27, the legal representatives of Libertad VCF requested that while the trial takes place on October 18, agreement not taken to increase the number of shares necessary to attend club meetings (11 to 3,598 titles), the increased salaries of two club officers and the guarantee of a loan of 16 million euros awarded by Peter Lim, in exchange for the rights of four players Of the template.

However, the judge rejected the adoption of these precautionary measures as they are not considered urgent, although the court appointment will be held in the autumn.

In Valencia there was satisfaction for the rejection of these measures requested by Libertad VCF, although from the association they were also satisfied by the content of the first judicial resolution: “The judge admits the legitimacy of the association against the position that the lawyers representing Meriton Holdings wanted to impose, “Libertad VCF explained in a statement.” They tried by all means to doubt that Libertad VCF was a legally constituted association. Faced with this, the judge supports our position and, therefore, we have overcome a first obstacle in the fight against Meriton Holdings. Freedom VCF therefore enjoys judicial recognition as the only real opposition to Meriton’s ill will Holdings in Valencia CF “, maintain the representatives of the platform of opposition to Peter Lim.

From Libertad VCF they explain that the judge “does not order Libertad VCF to pay costs since he does not see recklessness in the lawsuit, since the concern of our association is legitimate and justified “and they offer a version of the reasons why the magistrate decides not to adopt the requested precautionary measures:”One of the reasons is that we do not present a bond in the process. This fact is due to the fact that our association is a grassroots movement, financed with the contributions of its members and with the will that the professionals of the association who dedicate hours of their leisure to fight to recover Valencia CF for those of us who love the game. Valencia CF. So we have not been able to present sufficient bail so that the measures can be adopted “.

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