The life of the coach according to Mourinho: “They tell you at the gas station: ‘Put this one on’. And you think: ‘Leave me alone'”

Mourinho, who will embark on a new adventure in Roma next season, is analyzing the Eurocup in the newspaper The Sun in which he writes a column with his reflections on the tournament and the England team.

You have two phones. You disconnect it and only leave the family one on


In this Saturday, the Portuguese has focused a part on the figure of Gareth Southgate, the English coach, and has focused on describing what life is like for the coaches. “For a coach facing a week like the one he has, the pressure is everywhere. You become a lonely animal. You don’t socialize, you don’t walk down the street, you don’t shop, you don’t read anything, you don’t watch television, you don’t put the sports radio in the car, “Mou writes.

You are a lonely animal, you do not socialize, you do not go out, you do not buy …


“You have two phones. One you disconnect right now. The one you keep on is only for your family and friends, those who are not going to talk to you about football, “he continues before explaining what happens if you go out on the street: “You go to the gas station and someone tells you: ‘Play with this or the other one.’ And you think: ‘Leave me alone'”, continues the Portuguese.

Southgate is showing personality, ability to deal with all this pressure


For Mourinho, Southgate is a great technician: “He’s showing personality, the ability to deal with all this pressure on the England team.”

The challenge of Rome

Mourinho, on the other hand, is eager to start training at Roma. “I am very happy to belong to this project. We want to make Roma a success, but a successful future, not an isolated moment, “said the coach in an interview with the club.

We want to make Roma a success, but a successful future, not an isolated moment


The coach considers that he is now a better coach than he was in the past. “I’m much better now. I mean it, because I think this is a job in which experience means a lot “, He says.

“Since I left Italy I went to Real Madrid, which was an incredible experience. I fulfilled my dream of winning in Italy, England and Spain. Then i went back to england, which is the base of my family, and where I wanted to return, “he continues.

Real Madrid, which was an incredible experience


“I even have the extreme experience of take a team to a final and not play it, which is something that I thought would never happen in my career. And it happened. Then, with so many experiences and learning in good times and bad, I am much more prepared now than I was “, ends.

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