The Llorente year


Hthere is a before and after in Marcos’ career Llorente. Anfield night changed his destiny at Atlético. Already a few days before, Simeone He had tried with the Madrid player playing on the wing and he gave the first samples of what he could do by scoring a goal in Mestalla. Then the two goals would come in front of the Liverpool and the pandemic. It was after confinement that the rojiblanco 14 saw how his transformation to the footballer he is now began to take his first steps. Atlético returned in June with the renewed version of Llorente.

Since then, since that visit to San Mamés, the team began to find many more ways to score than it had found up to that moment. Two players were key to this. Yannick Carrasco and the consecration of Llorente as one of the best arrivals in Europe. Atlético multiplied its number of goals per game and Marcos was definitively established as the multipurpose player of the Cholo. In any position on the field he found accommodation and in all of them he performed at a high level.

The professions at Atlético seen by Llorente: who does he imagine as a model or a policeman?

Soon it will be almost a year since that return to football after months of confinement and Llorente’s numbers in these almost 12 months are within the reach of very few footballers. Since June 14, 2020, Marcos has scored 14 goals and has given 15 goal assists. He has participated in 29 goals for his team. Huge. Above all, if we take into account that during a good phase of the season he held the position of right lane. Something that seems he will have to do in the next Eurocup with the selection. A selection in which a niche has been gained thanks to the level shown in these months.

In between, Marcos has won his first league with Atlético being the absolute protagonist. The Madrilenian has been during some phases of the course the most decisive player in the championship. It has settled on a selection that had previously turned its back on it. And his renewal with Atlético will be announced shortly. A club that came as a substitute for a midfielder and has become one of the team’s leaders. The Llorente year has not ended.

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