The moment of truth for Mandi


The Franco-Algerian returns after playing with his team pending a final decision on Betis’ renewal offer

Aïssa Mandi has become a staple in the game scheme of Manuel Pellegrini. He is living one of his best seasons since he arrived at Betis and you have an important decision to make. On June 30, the five-year contract that he signed in 2016 expires, he has been handling a long-term renewal proposal for months and knows that he has to give a definitive answer shortly.

The verdiblanco club, through its president, Angel Haro, estimated a deadline for the Franco-Algerian central to communicate if his wish was to continue in the Benito Villamarin or if, on the contrary, he preferred to continue his career in another team. A term that, theoretically, expired today. Although at the moment, neither the footballer nor the entity have closed an agreement or have communicated the breakdown of the negotiations.

“I have a fluid dialogue with Aïssa. He is a magnificent professional and a good player, as well as a team captain. I am totally convinced that he has nothing closed with any team, that he could do it, he is free for it. But it is an important vital decision for him, to be clear if he is going to continue in the city much longer or not, “said the Betic president.” The time to make a decision will be shortly. I hope that before the end of this month, in one sense or another, the matter is resolved, “he insisted at the beginning of March.

Pellegrini wants me to continue

Desire to Manuel Pellegrini and from Betis is that Mandi stay with the team for the next few seasons. “It would be important for us that he remain because he is an important player within the squad,” said the Chilean coach a few days ago. But the Sports Direction commanded by Antonio Cordon you should know as soon as possible if it will be so. Otherwise, you will have to activate the machinery to hire a replacement this coming summer, analyzing in depth the different lists of players made by the Technical secretary depending on technical issues, contractual situations and market values.

At the Verdiblanco club they are convinced that the Franco-Algerian center-back has not committed to any other team for the moment. But also that he handles different important proposals, given his condition as a player who ends his contract and is standing out in The league. The decision for Mandi It is not easy since in addition to his expectations at a sporting level – he claims a project with aspirations – other economic factors come into play – it would foreseeably be his last great contract – and his personal life. So he takes it easy.

A negotiation that comes from afar

The Betis began to be interested in its renovation more than a year and a half ago. But the Algerian international preferred to wait. The negotiations were further delayed by a change of representatives. But the new agents of Mandi They have been in talks with the Verdiblanco CEO for a few days in search of a final decision, which should come sooner rather than later.

The footballer, after several days concentrated with the national team to play an international match against Botswana, in which he scored a high heel goal, returned yesterday to Seville and hopes to be at the command of Pellegrini looking for a spot in the eleven on Sunday against the Elche. Off the pitch, he knows that a decision about his future awaits him in days or weeks, whichever both parties consider. It’s crunch time for Mandi.

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