The most anticipated day for Kiko Olivas

The malagueño returns to add minutes with Valladolid 286 days later

9 months may not sound as strong as 286 days. They are the ones that Kiko Olivas has taken to return to play a football match with Real Valladolid. He was injured on Thursday, July 16, 2020 in Ipurua and 24 hours later it was learned that he suffered a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament, an injury to the external meniscus, a grade I sprain in the lateral collateral ligament and a bone edema in the femoral condyle. external.

The 2019-20 season was already dying, but the news was terrible for the central defender: he would lose the entire 2020-21. With six days remaining, Olivas has returned at a crucial moment for the Castilians.

His entry onto the pitch came at a delicate moment in the game. Real Valladolid had just conceded the second goal and there were less than 15 minutes left for a new blow for Real Valladolid to be consumed.

Coincidence or not, his presence on the green reorganized the team defensively and he went on to play on the Athletic field, which caused a harassment and blanquivioleta demolition until Weissman’s goal arrived. And the triumph was close to being achieved. Nobody rules out, with five days that will be five finals for Real Valladolid in this final stretch, a starting Kiko Olivas and with the command in place that he had before the serious injury.

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