The NFL, a longer week: there will be 17 games per team already in 2021


ANDa is a fact. The NFL will have a 17-game regular season, starting in 2021. The change was confirmed last night, once the owners voted in favor during the Annual Meeting of the League.

After weeks full of rumors, the amendment to the league’s schedule has finally been approved. Since last year, everything indicated that the NFL would have an 18-week calendar, although due to the pandemic the idea was reversed.

“This is a great moment in NFL history. The CBA with the players and the recently completed television agreements provide the foundation for us to improve the quality of the NFL experience for our fans. And one of the benefits of each franchise playing 17 regular season games is that we will continue to grow our sport around the world, “said Commissioner Roger Godell.

Each team from the National Conference will have one more game against one from the American Conference, this based on the division classification of the previous season.

Also, the preseason schedule will now consist of three games per team..

The calendar change in the league had not occurred since 1978, but the new NFL television mega-contract has led to this situation. With the new changes, The regular season is expected to kick off on Thursday Night Football on September 9.

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