The operating room, a real threat to Yuri

Lpreseason starts with doubts for Yuri. The rojiblanco side, Low since April due to a pubic ailment, is still out of competition. The discomfort has not subsided and the left-hander will have to consult a specialist. In recent weeks he has carried out specific work that the injury has not improved and the threat from the operating room is very real. In case of being operated, he would be out of work for no less than 8 weeks and could not start the League.

Yuri, what toI had a contract in June and is about to renew, set off the alarms for the first leg of the season. The option of surgical intervention is guessed as an immediate solution.

Yeray and Williams, with problems

The side he is not the only lion with problems in this start of training. Vesga is on leave after having given positive for COVID in the preliminary analyzes of the preseason, Iñaki Williams will have a gradual return after the muscle injury suffered in the last league game and Yeray has discomfort in the patellar tendon.

In addition to these three players, Córdoba, Zarraga, Peru and Kodro are in the recovery phase of the operations to which they were subjected the previous season and Capa faces the last stretch of your knee injury rehabilitation.

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