The other ways of income for Betis in the market


ANDn a complex market, in which it will be difficult to carry out transfers with significant amounts involved, the Betis He knows that a good part of his options to reinforce himself go through receiving extra income in other concepts. Achieve the classification for the next edition of the Europa League It was one of them, with an estimated minimum collection of about 12 million euros between the fixed amount for participating, the prizes for wins and draws, the bonuses for passing phases and the television market pool. But there are some more …

One of the sections that can leave amounts in the coffers of the Benito Villamarin He is related to several of his former footballers. The most recent case is that of the Brazilian international Emerson, recovered by the Barça for nine million – it should be made official shortly after closing the deal this past Monday – but that will increase its capital gain if it is transferred (the Verdiblancos retain 20% of their pass). A situation similar to that of the Hispanic-Dominican Junior.

Firpo went to Barça for 18 million fixed for 80% of his pass and 12 in variables. Of those 12 kilos, five were associated with bonuses for objectives, and the other seven, which were used to acquire the remaining 20%, were based on the personal performance of the player. This last section has not met the stipulated conditions, so the Betis he still owns 20% of the financial rights of the footballer, for whom the Catalan club is looking for an outlet in the market.

That is, if the Barcelona will transfer to Junior for an amount similar to what he paid in his day to acquire it (18 million euros), at Betis 3.6 million would correspond to him, an amount that in other markets might not be relevant, but in the current situation it may be important when it comes to reinforcing the squad – the Catalan club also has pending payment of a final installment of that transfer-. The Verdiblanco club also keeps 10% of the pass from Sanabria, after its transfer to Torino, in addition to being able to enter up to three million in variables by objectives.

Part for training

The Betis It has already received good news in this regard when it was confirmed that it will receive just over one million euros for the variables of the transfer of Feddal to the Sporting from Portugal. The Lisbon team has been proclaimed champion of the League NOS, achieving a place in the next edition of the Champions League and fulfilling the objectives included in the sale of the Moroccan plant.

A figure that could add 4% of a hypothetical transfer of Fabian Ruiz, who has two years left on his contract at Naples and whose president has valued at about 60 million euros with the aim of leaving this summer, and 3% of a possible sale of Dani Ceballos … as long as the first get out of Italy and the second, of Spain. These amounts would correspond to the solidarity mechanism of the FIFA for their years of training, but they are only paid when the transfer implies a change of federation (from one country to another).

Subscription campaign

The Betisalso trusts that the evolution of the pandemic will allow the progressive reopening of the stadium bleachers Benito Villamarin during the next season, starting in August, in what is undoubtedly one of the largest items in your budget, both for season tickets and ticket sales, VIP boxes and static advertising in the Heliopolitan area.

In short, several open avenues that could allow increasing collection, beyond the fact that some sale or salary savings may occur with the departure of players from the squad, with the aim of having a somewhat greater margin when going to the market in search of reinforcements for several specific positions, starting with the center of the defense and the right back.

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