The presidents speak: “We must kill the threat of the Super League”


LEuropean clubs have declared the fire in the Superliga … for now. The iron defense of Ceferin With the opening of files to Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, it has supported that sentiment in the Spanish clubs that mostly rejected the project. However the position of Joan Laporta Y Florentino Pérez, joining their ranks in the failed project continues to raise suspicions. On the legal front, a very precautionary measure from a court seems little argument, but the distrust is still there.

At the CAP (Club Advisory Platform) meeting, several presidents of Spanish clubs met, who responded to MARCA about the possibility of Resurrection of a Super League that, in Spain, they only want two of 42. Aitor elizegi (Athletic), Manuel Vizcaino (Cádiz), Pepe castro (Seville), Federico Martinez (general director of Betis) and Patricia rodriguez, (Granada CEO) faced with two questions: will the Super League re-emerge? Do you think that the Champions League will be able to endure a season without Madrid, Barça and Juve?

Javier Tebas He was not too shy about responding forcefully: “UEFA is prepared to survive without Madrid, Barça and Juve in the competition. The Champions League has survived five or six years without Manchester United and Milan. We would like them to play in Europe. But if they stop doing stupid things, maybe they will. You have to be responsible for the acts, what you can’t do is make a coup and get away with it. “

Aitor elizegi: “I believe that what has been put in the focus is the most important thing. I am clear that it has been a serious crisis, which affects the base of institutions and people. commitment and solidarity. Some cannot get out of the crisis and others cannot. There can be no vaccine for some, yes, and for others no. It is very simple to understand. Any sector defends itself from the principle of solidarity, merit and work. It is what must be rewarded. That is the future of European football and that is how it has reached 2021. It is great because there are great fans, great clubs and many shields that must be respected.

We will come out of the crisis together, there can be no vaccine for some, and not for others “

Aitor Elizegi, president of Athletic

“Do you think that someone does not want to continue dreaming of Villarreal beating United? If not, European football has very little future. We do not want the same teams to always play the finals. We want Villarreal to continue to have chances to serve. go ahead a European cup. “

Does anyone not want Villarreal to be able to beat United?

On whether Madrid and Barça deserve to be left without Champions: “The smart thing again in any sector is to grow and work together. It is indisputable that they are three very important entities for the good of European football. I would bet more to continue all together.”

Athletic, the club less Super League of the world: “Everyone has remembered the hobbies. Now they are, finally, the protagonists (when they have always been), also of the historical clubs that have made competitions great. And everyone has looked at the quarries. Those All of a sudden, they have been solutions to the crisis. Good. That means we are on the right track. ”

Manuel Vizcaino He also did not doubt whether the Super League could end up returning: “I think not. As a concept it is dead. Another thing is that, like any movement that has been in any other industry, this makes one reflect and that in the end what it is about is that everyone feels integrated into a competition. I understand that they have been absolutely wrong and that on the other hand they are clubs with a history that makes us have to count on them “.

The Super League, as a concept, is dead

Manuel Vizcaíno, president of Cádiz

“Here the question is that football wins and not that there are winners or losers. In the end we are all stronger together. The clubs are clear about the path and what we have to do is add.”

Do Madrid and Barcelona deserve to be left without Champions ?: “Football is prepared for everything but in my opinion I would say that the ideal is for Madrid Barça and Juventus to continue competing at the highest level.

Pepe castro has been, from the first moment, one of the presidents who have most vehemently rejected the Super League: “Not a closed Super League, only for some. We have said it many times. Our league is the true Super League. It gives us the possibility to do so. of playing European competitions and being the club that has won the most Europa League titles and returning to the Champions League. The merit of being where it belongs, and not something closed just for some “.

The Super League is not the spirit of football, nor of overcoming, it is only good for some

Pepe Castro, president of Sevilla

“The Super League is something that does not interest most of the clubs in Spanish LaLiga. There are many of us and we have to be united against something that is not the best for everyone, only for some. It only interests a closed nucleus of some clubs. it is the spirit of football, nor of overcoming. It is being, or trying to achieve things on their own merit. The Leagues are very good as they are. Everything can be improved, but not doing these crazy things that only favor some “.

The general director of Betis, Federico Martinez, left the headline more vehement: “We are not happy, obviously, with the situation. We would like the threat that the Super League is for us to disappear. It is not up to us to decide whether the clubs should be sanctioned or not. It will be them those who determine “.

We understand that it is not permissible, that it is necessary to end at once, to kill the threat of the Super League

Federico Martínez, dtor. general Betis

“We are not in the UEFA Committee, nor do we handle the regulations, but we are very upset with the situation. We understand that it is not permissible, that we must end once and for all, kill the threat of the Super League for the more than 300 clubs that we are preoccupied with the situation. We want to forget it. Period.

For the Granada counselor, Patricia rodriguez, who has experienced in the first person how the achievements achieved on the lawn can lead, for example, to Old traffordIt was also an easy answer: “What Granada defends is that the merits continue to be decided on the playing field with the same rules for everyone, which in the end is what has allowed us to reach the quarterfinals against Manchester United” .

Being all together has made us be more competitive and get a league that is decided on the last day

Patricia Rodríguez, counselor of Granada

“It doesn’t feel good because six years ago in Spanish LaLiga we underwent a radical change from the moment when all the clubs came together to centrally sell our television rights. This has allowed us to multiply our income, be more competitive and reach a competition like this in which everything has been decided on the last day. That is good for the clubs and for our own fans. “

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