The problems that Xavi has not managed to solve at Barcelona

Dfter four games with Xavi Hernandez on the bench, the Barcelona He continues to have difficulty carrying out his commitments. The balance of two wins, a draw and a loss can be misleading. What these data do not say is that in all those meetings, the Catalans have suffered more than necessary. Or at least, more than they used to until relatively recently.

The reality is that the hand of Xavi It shows in the attitude and the intention, but the Egarense has been able to do little to solve some problems that the team has dragged along throughout the season. Evils that you already detected Ronald Koeman at the time, but could not fix. For now Xavi either.

The hit

The Barcelona he still has trouble scoring goals. Has remained unmarked in half of the games with Xavi in ​​front and in another he managed to see the goal with a dubious penalty. The team needs a forward like eating. The injuries have been primed with the players in that area of ​​the field and none of the three coaches who have had this course has been able to invent someone to appear in that area and solve. It is the number one problem in this Barcelona. If you don’t solve it, you will have a hard time getting into Champions.

The defense

Another issue that has punished the team throughout the season. Rivals need little to score goals for this one Barça. The Barça players themselves have recognized it, especially when they had Ronald Koeman coach. In this new stage, it seems that they still cut a bit. The one who does not shut up is Xavi, that at the end of the game against him Real Betis He admitted feeling “annoyed” with the conceded goal because it was a type of play that had been specifically trained.

The miracles of Ter Stegen

In soccer, luck is also a component to consider. An uncontrollable intangible, but one that is there and plays its role. For whatever reason, Ter Stegen it is not having the flower of other seasons. Yes he was lucky against him Spanish, but little else.


The Dutch had to be one of the important men of this Barça. One of those who will throw the equipment on his back. However, his irregularity has prevented him from becoming the leader the Catalans need. The team needs someone to show up more often.

The lesions

Some consider this matter the origin of all the evils of the Barcelona this season. The large number of injuries that the team has suffered to date have prevented the Catalans from showing what their real potential is. They have been especially primed with their forwards, which has forced the Catalans to play many times with converted footballers, such as Dest or Gavi. The situation is serious and it seems that it does not stop. Against him Real Betis it fell Gavi.

The missing’

In addition to the aforementioned Memphis Depay, the Barcelona has several footballers missing in action. Players who should be assuming responsibilities, leading the team, but whose contribution is symbolic. The most flagrant case is that of Philippe Coutinho, the most expensive signing in the history of the Catalan club. He cannot find his position on the field and is unable to make a difference. It is also not advisable to forget Ousmane Dembélé. Although it is exciting and hints that he is capable of leading this Barça, the truth is that it has not yet done so. You have to be judged by what you have done and not by what you can do.

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