The questions of the ‘dreaded’ third year

Htwo years and a week ago exactly what Julen lopetegui appeared in society as the new coach of the Seville. In the more than 700 days between that June 7, 2019 and this 15th of the same month of 2021, the Andalusian club has established itself as one of the four greats of Spanish football. He has returned to touch silver in his favorite competition (Europa League), has played another final (European Super Cup), touching the third (Cup semi-finals) and beating their best records in the League (two fourth places with 77 points the second year). Everything seems to be going smoothly through Nervión.

And so it is. However, none of the main actors is calm or with the overflowing optimism that has gripped the fan in recent months. Sevilla faces the third year of a project with the same pillars (Monchi and Lopetegui) and in the club they know that they must move the tree if you want, at least, match everything achieved to date. Therefore, the feared third year for coaches opens with certain uncertainties or questions. The main one is the change of faces in the template. The market is stopped, with a supply much higher than the demand, that is, everyone wants to sell before buying, and that will slow down operations that Monchi has in mind. Until financial availability is known, the risks to be assumed will be minimal. The economy is in command, as in all clubs.

And this seems to worry the coach. Does not have no reproach with the group. The base created in 2019 is what has led Sevilla to its current sporting situation. Julen has squeezed his squad to unsuspected limits and it has responded. The problem is that, as time goes by, the messages do not arrive with the same intensity. And the players acquire some roles within the locker room that are almost impossible to move. There are 8-9 starters who would not understand losing their privileged position. Just as there are the same or more alternates who are equally they know what their role is. The passage of time dynamites the intensity of one’s own competitiveness. And the only way to eradicate that contamination natural is to exchange some men for others.

The second unit

Once the most veteran players in the locker room have left for the end of their contract, such as Escudero or Franco Vázquez, in addition to Vaclik and Aleix VidalThere are other names marked in red that would make room for those new faces that the sports director and coach are struggling to find in a complex market. If they are knowledgeable about LaLiga, such as Joselu or Javi Galán, best. Nobody wants to speak at the revolution club. Neither small nor big. Despite this and the messages that are sent, everyone is aware that they are facing a crucial summer for a new takeoff of Sevilla. The danger of retracing the path is present.

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