The Ramón de Carranza Stadium has days left to stop being called that

Por second time it will be tried, by the Cádiz City Council, change the current name of the Ramón de Carranza Stadium in a participatory process that starts this Monday, June 14 and in which they can all the people from Cádiz registered in the city participate and let them be over 18 years. Everything to continue and achieve the purpose of the council and its mayor to eradicate the current name of the yellow fiefdom.

From 9:00 am this Monday until next Sunday, June 20 at 9:00 pm A form will be enabled on the transparency web, in which it will be possible to choose between the same eight applications that were proposed a few months ago in a process that had to be suspended due to the violation of the Data Protection Act. The chosen names for this occasion by a commission appointed by the City Council are Cádiz Bay, Nuevo Mirandilla, Gadir, Tacita de Plata, Cádiz City, Gades, De la Laguna and La Pepa.

It should be remembered that this whole process is because the current name Ramon de Carranza breaches the Historical Memory Law since it is understood that the name of the former mayor violates the Historical Memory Law by supporting the man from Cádiz to General Queipo de Llano in his military conspiracy against the government of the Second Republic, after which he was appointed mayor of Cádiz and civil Governor.

New rules to avoid another failure

To avoid another sound failure like the previous one, new rules have been established from the commission created by the council and the four councils that have been in charge of establishing the new route time. For example, You only have to give your ID and date of birth since later the data will be crossed with the standard. You can only choose one name and not three as on the previous occasion and you can only vote once, thus avoiding the overcrowding of repeated votes that were found in the Cádiz town hall.

The sensation among cadistas fans is that none of the proposed names like and most understand that “Carranza” would just be the perfect name. However, this option was also ruled out by the city council, so it is expected that the next June 24, Cádiz CF will have a new name for its stadium, also facing the start of its second season in First division, very different from everything that has to do with the family Carranza.

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