The Real Madrid dressing room does not understand anything of what is happening


They ask for an explanation of the change in arbitration criteria they suffer each week

Since the VAR was launched in the summer of 2018, the world of football joked that one day the play that ended in a goal would come, but that it would end up being annulled to award a penalty in the opposite area. Sunday was very close to becoming a reality. From penalty in favor, penalty against, with the addition of how much was at stake, with Real Madrid as the protagonist.

The faces of the players of the Madrid team on the same pitch said it all. Benzema, the main implicated, did not give credit when he realized that Martinez Munuera he raised his hand to the receiver, in a clear gesture that something was happening around the penalty that could give Real Madrid the lead.

The celebration for the culmination of the book counter that the Frenchman had scored starting from his own field was very brief. After three minutes of waiting, the penalty changed direction and those who laughed began to wonder the reason for the change.

They tried to clear doubts about the grass during the game. Kroos insisted once the game was over with Zidane, the talks continued in the locker room and no one left the doubt in which they have been living in recent months. Not even Mejía Dávila, now a field delegate and former referee, was able to clarify the doubts of Zidane’s men. “Someone should clearly explain what is and what is not hand. We have the feeling that the norm changes with us “, they pointed out on Sunday at the end of the game and repeated yesterday after the training held in Valdebebas.

Wrong talk

Dani Carvajal’s outburst was not the only one heard in the locker room. Yesterday they kept asking about the criteria. Nobody around the team knew what to answer. Neither Chendo, nor Mejía Dávila. It is true that in their day they received a talk from the Technical Committee of Referees, but they maintain that similar plays have been whistled in very different ways.

They do not talk about campaigns, but they do acknowledge feeling mistreated, as evidenced by the fact that 27 days have passed without seeing how a penalty was signaled in favor. They believe that they are not judged in the same way.

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