The record that most excited Joaquín


The portuense equaled Esnaola and may be on Monday the player with the most games played in the history of Betis alone

ANDl last Sunday, during his team’s visit to the stadium Jose Zorrilla from Valladolid, Joaquin, the eternal captain of the Betis, equaled a new record in his never-ending career path. Possibly the one he was most excited about after two decades of pulverizing all possible records. Reached José Ramón Esnaola, who for decades was the player with the most official matches played in the history of the Verdiblanco club.

With 460 matches in all competitions, the portuense is available, from next Monday and in the four days of League that remain, to overcome the legendary Basque goalkeeper to write his name in gold letters in the entity of the Thirteen Bars. A brand that seemed unattainable, in force since 1985 and to which players like Cardeñosa, Gordillo, Merino or White hair They hadn’t even been able to get close, but that the 17th will pulverize shortly.

Joaquin, celebrating a goal
Joaquin, celebrating a goalREAL BETIS FOOTBALLBRAND

It’s nice to break records, the one that excites me the most is being the player with the most games in the history of Betis

Joaquín, Betis captain

Throughout his 21 seasons in the elite, Joaquin it has been surpassing records reserved for a select few. For footballers with a consistency, a talent, an ambition and an ability to flee from injuries simply extraordinary as the captain has shown since his debut in Compostela more than two decades ago, with his team in Second division.

Joaquin has managed to become the outfield player with the most matches in history in First division (577), second only to Zubizarreta (622), which he would have beaten comfortably had he not spent two seasons in the Fiorentina. It is the football with the most matches with him Betis in the highest category (362) and the one with the most victories in The league (231) without ever having played in Real Madrid, Barça or Atlético de Madrid (Also the one who has suffered the most defeats, 194, perks of the trade).

More than 100 goals

Despite never having been a great scorer, he is also in the top 5 of the world’s top achievers. Betis In the highest category (52 goals), he has 108 club goals in his entire career and last season, against Athletic club, became the oldest player to score a hat-trick in The league, surpassing a record that he kept Di Stefano during decades.

Don Alfredo is precisely his next goal on the list of longest-lived scorers in First, but always putting the objectives of the Betis, whom you want to take back to Europe where he is also a leader: no one has played more matches of Champions (8) and Europa League (15) as green and white that Joaquin. Figures that will continue to expand if he renews one more year, something that is taken for granted.

“It’s always nice to break records. The one that most catches my attention and excites me is being the footballer with the most matches in the history of the Betis. It is a record that can remain there, for being Betic, for being able to tell my girls and friends about it tomorrow … “, he said a few days ago in an interview with MARCA. That day is already here.

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