The red one to Raúl García will bring a tail because more than 3 games can fall


Marcelino is convinced that the player did not refer to the assistant in the serious terms contained in the writing of the minutes of Mateu Lahoz: “Your fucking mother already”

Lto expulsion of Raúl García, with a direct red card in the 88th minute, threatens to remove the rojiblanco from the start of the next league. Mateu Lahoz expelled the Navarrese, as specified in the minutes, for “address an assistant referee looking him in the face in the following terms: ‘your fucking mother already’ . The Competition Committee will meet this week and decide the punishment, which threatens to prevent him from starting the next course. For now, Raúl García is clear that he will not dismiss the League 20-21 on the grass.

The Competition Committee could interpret the reason for the expulsion as serious foul and raise the sanction above the three games. In the articles of the disciplinary code, it is expressed in the article 94. “Insulting, offending or addressing in abusive terms or attitudes to the main referee, assistants, fourth official, directors or sports authorities, unless it constitutes a more serious offense, will be sanctioned with suspension from four to twelve games “.

Marcelino was upset by the expulsion and convinced that it was “a misunderstanding”. And it was explained. “I have been with Raúl for four months and that expression I have never heard from him. When you have been with a person for four months and you never listen to what they say he has said … I am sure there was a misunderstanding because It is not an expression that he uses“.

The Raúl García’s sanction will depend on how he catalogs the action the Competition Committee. The writing of the minutes leaves the allegations very complicated in defense of the player, who faces a penalty greater than two games. There are two articles that lower the penalty below the four encounters.

The article 117 says that “addressing the referees, managers or sports authorities in terms or with attitudes of contempt or disregard provided that the action does not constitute a more serious offense, It will be sanctioned with suspension of two to three games or for a period of up to one month“. The article 120 remarks that “to protest to the main referee, the assistants or the fourth official, as long as it does not constitute a more serious offense, it will be sanctioned with suspension of two to three games or for a period of up to a month. “

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