The return of Carles Aleñá is complicated

Michel stated the day of its presentation that could intuit what was going to happen with Carles Aleñá. The new Coliseum technician He confessed that in addition he liked the player. But the operation seems very simple and, at the same time, very complex for bluish coffers.

The player is going to do preseason under the command of Ronald Koeman. TO Aleñá has one year left on his contract and the Catalan team would value the option of renew in order to, or give it up again, or get some economic profit from a sale to one of the many brides that Mataró has after his good to do in Getafe.

The player is valued at about 8 million euros, price unaffordable today for the group that presides Angel Torres. Only the possible sale of ArambarrI could make the medium arrive, but for this they must be given many assumptions, like, that the charrúa comes out for an amount close to 12 millions, without players and transfers from third parties that lower the cost of the Uruguayan international.

The renewal, the most feasible option

The option that Carles Aleñá renews is the favorite for Getafe. If the medium extends its contract, the assignment would be more feasible for the azulones, who would also have the double trick that they already know the club and that their great friend, Marc Cucurella will continue except for a capital surprise. What is clear is that it will be an operation that will be cooked over a very low heat and that, possibly, Until the end of the market there will be no decision or final outcome.

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