The roadmap with Koundé

Lto call for Jules Kooundé with the absolute selection of France I was going to bring a tail. The footballer of the Seville he had declined to make any statement in his last weeks in Nervión. He was waiting for the right moment, already in his country, even more so since he knew the call for the Eurocup. They all wanted to know first hand what did he think about his future and the central could not be clearer. Always respectful in his words to Sevilla, Koundé has stated that he wants to grow, play for an even bigger club. He let pass once (Sevilla did) the call of the Manchester City. You have laid the groundwork for this not to happen again.

How are you at Sevilla? Quiet. You could even say that satisfied. Koundé himself is doing all the work. He has put himself on the market by himself and now Monchi has to pick up the phone while waiting for the most interesting offer. The 80 million of its clause are the starting price, although obviously in the offices of the Sánchez-Pizjuán they would enter trading for a slightly lower figure. The market is stopped, there is little money, but also the central defense position is going to move. Many seek and Sevilla has one of the jewels. The capital gain generated by the Gaul would allow Monchi carry out a new revolution without fear.

The sevillista president, Pepe castro, already slipped in an interview in MARCA that the market was not going to be easy because of the economic deficit of most clubs. Getting a big sale like Koundé’s would place Sevilla in privileged position to reinforce itself, given the impossibility of doing so other rivals. And it is that until there are no departures in the Sevilla squad, arrivals will remain in stand by. A long market with a lot of cloth to cut, but that Jules Kooundé has been in charge of reviving from the first hour. His role in this Euro, in principle with little prominence, can also speed up the process.

Reinforcements on all lines

And it is that Monchi’s plan is to give the project a second turn of the screw. Part of the champions less than a year ago in Cologne they will leave to give way to a new batch of signings. Right and left back, a center back (or even two), the goalkeeper (already signed), a midfielder (or two) and a forward. Many movements and pieces to fit. The first step is still to get a big capital gain. The amortization that remains to be paid from Koundé is for under 15 million. Anything that surpasses the 65 barrier would give Sevilla 50 million to reinforce. The big operation is already underway.

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