The ‘santiaguina’ before winning the Second at the Bernabéu

hethe same night that he real Madrid won his first European Cup, UEFA decided in Paris that the champion deserved the right to defend his crown. That is why Madrid was in the draw, because as League champions the Athletic.

On February 28, 1947, in Cologne, UEFA awarded the final to the stadium Santiago Bernabeu. It was a nod to the first champion and to his president, considered by all to be one of the patriarchs of the tournament.

It could only be fixed that it would be in May. The proposal of the 15th collided with what Manchester United, Red Star and Fiorentina they reasoned that this date was impossible for them since it was already occupied by commitments to their national teams or their championships. Yes, it was fixed that it would be at night. Madrid worked to inaugurate artificial lighting, which arrived on May 18, in a friendly against Sport Club of Recife. Weeks later, the final was set for May 29 at 8:30 p.m., but in the end it was played at 5:30 p.m. Fiorentina for not being used to playing without natural light. The other finalist was Real Madrid.

“sluts” night

The white team reached its final after eliminating in the semifinals Man Utdin quarters to Nice -the first comeback that lived in Bernabéu- and to fast in eighths. The night of Vienna forms for the legend of Real Madrid.

1957 European Cup Final

After winning 4-2 in the first leg, at the break in the Prater (3-0) the locker room door was opened and Santiago Bernabeu he came in furious. The word “sluts” sounded several times in a row that no one who suffered it would ever forget. In the guts of the Viennese temple, the women from Santiago were born in a rapa dust that reminded the players of the number of Spanish emigrants who were in the Prater stands.

a goal of Di Stefano at match time he forced a tiebreaker, because then the goals away from home were still not worth double. After the match, Bernabeu He returned to the locker room to rectify and applaud his team’s reaction. But the anger was so great that it is in the history books of Madrid. The president of Madrid managed to get the tiebreaker to be played in Chamartín. On December 13, with goals from Joseito and Kopa, Madrid passed the round. The Frenchman had been the galactic that Bernabéu thought of when, as soon as he won the first European Cup, he spoke of the need to strengthen himself to win again.

end with controversy

With almost 125,000 people in the stands of the giant of the Paseo de la Castellana, Real Madrid and Fiorentina They played a tense game, with the Whites attacking from the start to find a crack in an exemplary defensive system. Tension skyrocketed and one viewer died of a heart attack. When Emilio Aguado Rosell, 65, arrived at the stadium infirmary and nothing could be done for him. The game had made his heart condition fatal.

I don’t think there is anyone in Spain who is not happy about this title

Santiago Bernabeu

With 0-0, 70 minutes of the match were reached. So, matthews appeared with a surprising advantage. Everyone saw that he was offside, except for the Dutchman. Leo Horn, who was the referee. It was also not very clear that the fall was inside the area, but the referee went to the penalty spot. Di Stefano I do not forgive.

Shortly after, a clear tackle on Gento in the viola team area went unpunished on a penalty that was as clear as Mateos’ offside. It was Gento himself who scored the second goal and turned the stadium into a huge party.

In the history of Champions only four times has the course owner reached the final. real Madrid (1957) and Inter (1965) managed to be champions at home; Rome (1985) and bayern (2012) they lost it, both in the penalty shootout and against English teams (Liverpool and Chelsea).

Tribute match two days later

Barely 48 hours after Madrid proclaimed itself champion of Europe for the second time, the gates of the Bernabeu they reopened. On June 1, Real Madrid received at 8:15 p.m. Perpignan (“Party with illumination”, it was announced) to celebrate his second crown. He won 9-0 in pouring rain. The program was double, because the appetizer of that game was the clash between the Plus-Ultra and the Emeritense (1-1) in the promotion promotion to Second.

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