The ‘sevillista family’, the added value in the signing of Dmitrovic

Marko dmitrovic I had decided that I was not going to continue in Ipurúa. He had completed a stage and with the end of his contract he wanted to seek other horizons. Of course, without leaving the Spanish border, the country that welcomed him ago six years and where you are “like at home”. He was looking for new challenges, a promotion in the aspirations of his new club, but without losing that essence that the Serbian considers important in football, that the dressing room and the club with which he signed as free agent they were a second family to him. Feel wrapped up to give your best version as a footballer. And from the start you’ve realized that your decision has been correct.

Because in the report From inside that Sevilla publishes with the first day of their signings in the city can be verified how they welcome the new ones. “We are going to demand you and we are going to take care of you like a family”, summarized the President, José Castro, at the end of the video. On the first journey, the one that went from Santa Justa to the stadium by car, in addition to recognizing conversations with compatriots (Gudelj), ex-companions (Pozo and Bryan) and other older and already friends (Jordán), Dmitrovic received the call from the one who will be his teammate and rival for a position in the goal: Bond. “What’s up brother, everything okay?”greeted the Moroccan. A welcome to the bosom of the Seville family.

Jordan He also made a video call to him while the goalkeeper was sitting in the locker room precisely in the place that Sevilla’s number 8 usually occupies. “Have you prepared yourself well? These people are demanding. They don’t even forgive training here”, the Catalan midfielder assured him. Already in the hotel next to the stadium, where his family was waiting for him, he appeared Monchi to receive you. They spoke of times gone by, of Monchi’s life as a goalkeeper and of that similarity in the absence of their hair. Back to the stadium, with president and vice president As masters of ceremony, they teach him everything Sevilla has achieved, remembering where the club was at the beginning of the century, with a photo of Roberto Alés, Joaquín Caparrós and Monchi himself.

“Those of us who are here are always here”, the sports director commented with Castro and Del Nido Carrasco present. “In the locker room, eating with the team … The three of us are always there. It is a very close club. We have not lost the concept and essence of a close club. We give importance to the person. Beyond that they are recording us today it is like that “, Monchi summarized. “Other colleagues have commented to me”, answered Dmitrovic. If the Serb had any doubts about his new destination, he has already erased them all. Seville has welcomed you like a family. It is one more. “Dragutinovic, your compatriot, won six titles; and Gudelj already has one. Now only you are left”. The demand is not forgotten in Nervión either.

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