The spontaneous of the Super Bowl will buy a giraffe with what he won in the bets

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Yuri andrade, the man who jumped onto the field during the Super Bowl, has confessed that he is going to buy a giraffe with the money he won from the bets he made on whether a “streaker” would sneak into the NFL final. In total, he put his earnings at about $ 375,000.

The spontaneous, 31 years old, acknowledged on the WPEC-TV channel of the CBS network that the 15 seconds that lasted his career through the field of Raymond James Stadium from the Florida city of Tampa, where the Buccaneers defeated the Chiefs from Kansas City by 31-9, they were the biggest adrenaline “rush” of his life.

After having bypassed security teams and caught the attention of the public in the stadium and the millions of people who watched the Super Bowl on television from all over the world, Andrade was arrested, spent one night in jail, and was released the next day on $ 500 bail.

This Boca Raton (Florida) man, who told police that he was engaged in international business, faces an accusation for trespassing on a place with prohibited access to the public.

Advertising of a porn website in your swimsuit

As he told the television channel, the idea came from a famous youtuber, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, which has a history of this type of intrusion in major sporting events, which in English is called “streaking.” Zdorovetskiy acknowledged that it is the fifth time he has managed to get a person onto the field of play during a Super Bowl, the largest sporting event in the United States.

According to US media, that garment belongs to the owner of a pornographic website, whose name was printed on the front of the garment, but He said he did not receive money for taking it, although they did pay him the entrance to the final.

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