The superbubble of selection: continuous checks, days off at the residence hall, games rooms …


Ha and selections that the authorities of their countries have allowed to be vaccinated in the face of the Eurocup, as is the case with Italy. It is not the one in Spain. That is why the concentration is marked by super-demanding measures to avoid risks, as much as possible, with respect to the pandemic.

Unai Simón and Oyarzabal, in the concentration.
Unai Simón and Oyarzabal, in the concentration.RFEF

What lived with Jon moncayola in the sub 21 it has triggered the alarms. Because a positive within the team can put the competition at high risk. The controls are constant for the players and all the people around the team. Antigen testing is already part of the day-to-day selection process.

On the horizon are days off for players. Before the ball rolls there are two: Sunday 6 and Thursday 10. The idea is that the players do not give up The City of Soccer. For this, spaces and rooms with activities have been created, the same ones that have been built when the selection was concentrated in the countries that were host to tournaments. In South Africa, for example, a large excaltri was mounted.

In any case, the captains, on behalf of the entire team, are trying to make some concession, such as being able to see their families at some point.

Unique case in the first level teams, the RFEF maintains interviews with players. Logically, a series of guidelines has been established to avoid falling into risky situations. For this, a spectacular press center has been set up with different areas to hold interviews and daily press conferences,

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