The warrior character of Valencia, in data

She talks a lot about character that coach José Bordalás has impressed on Valencia. It shows in the games, but it is also that there are data that can confirm that the black and white team has left indolence behind of the last two courses to love overcome adversity during matches. I commented on it Cillessen during the preseason: “This team already had quality, but now it also has character“And that, in the summer friendlies, can serve as a ‘wild card’ answer, but when They have already been seven league games (almost a fifth of the season traveled) there are data that serve to prove it.

Valencia, in fact, has managed to come back three games (avoid defeat when you started losing) to add five points. And, in addition, it has achieved score two goals outnumbered for add four points on two parties. The last example was this day against Athletic in which both factors were combined: scoring and adding with one less player. Valencia went below on the scoreboard in the minute 69 after a good strategy goal from Iñigo Martinez. Then came another blow, that of the expulsion of Maxi Gómez for a foul in midfield when I already had a yellow one, in minute 81. However, the team he did not lose face to the game and managed to take a step forward -the technician removed Wass by Manu Vallejo– until achieving the tying goal, work by Marcos André after a grand opening by Guillamón to Guedes and the attendance from Portuguese.

Already in the first match against Getafe, the team showed claw to overcome to the expulsion of Hugo Guillamón in the first minute of the game. Despite having to play the whole game with one less footballer, Valencia managed to score all three points. Carlos Soler scored in the 10th minute of the penalty game.

Things were also uphill for himone week later against Granada in Los Cármenes. The team feu from behind from minute 16. It was Carlos Soler the one who managed to tie penalty in 88 to rescue a point that seemed impossible.

In the next game out from house against Osasuna too got under the scoreboard Valencia in minute 7, after a bad start to the game and a badly defended play. Even so, the Bordalás team not only achieved flip the scoreboard, but did it with a win overwhelming (1-4) in the difficult stadium of El Sadar. Three points.

Later, they arrived two games that left a bad taste mouth. Against him Madrid, because the opposite happened and the team lost in the last minutes match the good income – with a good game deployed – that he had achieved in Mestalla. And in Seville, because of how bad the whole team entered the game and that ruined any option to add anything already from minute 22, when the score was 3-0 against. The last match against Athletic, stopped that trend.

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