The worst Valencia in the last 32 years


He finished 13th with 43 points and was not below from 87-88 (14th)

ANDl Valencia certified in Huesca the worst season since his return to Primera division in the 1987-88 season. The position 13 confirms the debacle of a project sports that started wobble last season -he finished 9th after firing Marcelino and Celades and take over Voro down the stretch- and that was confirmed with the massive departure of players in the summer of 2020. It could have been worse the way things had gotten with Grace in the absence of four days. But the data does not stand up to comparisons. Valencia had not fallen so low since their promotion to Primera in the season 1987-88 which was 14th.

Also it’s the worst score ever of Valencia since they began to award three points for victory (season 95-96). Since then I had never added so few points. The 43 this season is the lower figure and worsens the 44 it’s from the season 2015-16 (that of Nuno, Neville and Ayestarán).

And it begins to become a habit since Peter Lim became the largest shareholder of the club that Valencia is half board down. In fact, with the Singaporean magnate, the Mestalla club has qualified three times for the Champions (three times 4th, once with Nuno and two, with Marcelino) and has stayed fOutside Europe the other four courses. It was 12th two consecutive campaigns (2015-16 and 2016-17), 9th last season and this year that has ended 13th, with what is also the worst classification of Valencia with Peter Lim as owner.

Voro, savior

Voro che also missed his seventh stage as a coach from Valencia. Has been precisely, under the management of Peter Lim, when the Valencian coach has had to leave his administrative tasks at the club to take over the bench. Did not catch the team in a dramatic situation, but the win against Valladolid in its premiere it was enough to scare away the ghosts. In the end, he has added seven points in four games.

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