The worst version of Valencia these two years has always been summarized in El Sadar

Si have to define the Valencia of the last two seasons, that is to say 2019-20 and 2020-21, you have to go to the dThe matches played by the Valencian players at the El Sadar stadium. It was the two real nightmares and the two encounters that perfectly sums up in what had become Valencia in this biennium.

The black and white team He lost both games but not only was the result negative, there is an afterlife, a background, a moral … those two matches were lost by the same result. 3-1. But in that duel what Valencia has been was reflected. A team totally desolate, without faith or claw to face the matches and most serious of all there is a devastating fact. Those two afternoons of different seasons in Navarra they exposed a sports project. Why?

The chances the team got. It was an aberration for any manager wielding a tactical booklet in modern football today. Because Valencia did nothing more than receive scoring chances everywhere. On the right, on the left, in the center, from set pieces, in static attack, on the counter, in corners … it was the true reflection of Valencia’s chaos.

The first game, that of the 2019-20 campaign, received 29 shots. An almost record number … That night prior to the dispute of a Champions matches was a constant trickle of the rojillos. And they began to dig that grave of the Catalan technician. The defensive exercise was a difficult handicap to eradicate. But is that in the following year, 2020-21, there were 18 auctions granted. And he received three goals in each duel. It could have been more. A scandal win. By facilities that the team gave in two games that can perfectly summarize what has been the wandering of Valencia through the desert in the last two years.

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