They changed their passport to fulfill a dream: “I was in Argentina, I was going to get married and I changed the wedding for a World Cup with Spain”


LThe doubts about his Spanish sentiment bothered Aymeric laporte. “Ugh, what a question. My goal is the same as Spain, to win all kinds of competition. I’m going to do my best to win and I think that’s the important thing. No one has to doubt that I will give everything for this selection“, said this Saturday the central, nationalized Spanish on May 12.

Laporte: “” Ugh, what a question, right? I will try to answer it in the best possible way … “

The defender of City, born in Agen (France) and to whom an injury ended up ‘nationalizing’ him, wants to leave his skin for Spain as many others did before in similar situations. One of the first to do so was Ruben Cano. “I had played three games with Argentina, but they were friendly and I was able to do it. I appreciate the call from Kubala. I wanted to play a world and I bet on Spain although it was not classified yet. My father is Spanish, “he says from Argentina.

In his times it was not so easy: “There was a lot of mistrust because there were falsifications of documents. I managed it like other countrymen like Heredia, Martínez, Valdez … Before you could play with two countries, but FIFA changed the rule. I did it with Argentina and Spain, few can say that “, adds someone who understands that in this type of situation” sometimes you can feel strange, traitor and hero at the same time, although it was not my case in particular. “

Among those who were lucky enough to be able to choose selection appears Catanha: “Brazil called me, but I wanted to go with Spain. I was in my prime, Pichichi in LaLiga, and I took advantage. I feel Spanish, my family is from here. Brazil had a great team, different from what happens now. I bet and that’s it. I do not see good change of selection when you have already played games with another. Once you make up your mind, you have to go to the end. “

Laporte will play the European Championship with Spain.

The one who did not expect to be called was Donato: “I had been with the intention of going for a long time. I came to this country in ’88 and in ’90 I was already nationalized, my desire was to play for Spain. They did not call me with Brazil and I decided to look for him here. Nobody ever reproached me for anything, just for part of the press that sold information that he had stopped being Brazilian to be Spanish. It was a misunderstanding because I had both nationalities. I could have gone with both of them, although it was not my case like Costa’s, who arrived after wearing the Brazil jersey“.

He did not manage to have a great career, but he did achieve his goal: “I took off the thorn of not having been in a World Cup when I made my debut against Denmark. I played 12 games. I would have been excited to do the World Cup with Spain, but Gracious He called me later and it was a surprise to me. I keep the opening day and the feeling that people transmitted to me with great joy, I have no regrets“.

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Brazil, a country that gives for three or four teams

In Brazil they are used to seeing how soccer players from their country compete with other colors. “It is normal. Not all footballers fit in and it means an escape from being able to play in important tournaments. For players there would be to make like three or four selections. I think the Brazilians don’t get angry if you change your team, quite the opposite. They rejoice when they see that you are succeeding outside. In my case, I was at Villarreal and the coach at that time only called cracks who were in big teams. It was an impossible option for me“, He says Mark Senna, who did not hesitate to accept the call from La Roja.

Luis Aragones He got in touch with me and I didn’t think about it. It was all very fast. Honestly, I never thought of playing in Spain or in any team outside my country of origin. But the years went by, I adapted well to Villarreal and the opportunity arose “, says someone who understands what may be going through the head of Laporte.

“I really don’t know their culture. But I understand how he, thinking that he was not going to have an opportunity in his country of origin, take advantage of this. They are very particular cases“Thanks to his attitude on the grass, the matter of the change of passing you will go unnoticed as explained by the sports psychologist Lorraine Cos.

“It is not something new that this happens. You can represent a team in many ways. In this case, even knowing that it could bring controversy, Laporte is above that and wins his desire to want to play for Spain. The commitment and attitude with which one connects to the team, together with the sympathy that one can have for the country without being born in it, is essential to start. When they don’t give you opportunities in one place and they do offer them in another, you have to take advantage of them. The best guarantee is his own performance and that is where, now once he has taken the step, he has to show that having him has been worth it, “he says.

No wedding because of Aragonese’s ‘fault’

“Del Horno was injured, I was in Argentina with my girlfriend about to get married and Luis called me. We had to postpone the wedding to go to the World Cup, I was delighted,” he recalls Mariano Pernía, which had been nationalized two months earlier. “There were rumors because I was having my best years at Getafe, but it was a joy. I didn’t even have to answer when he told me“, Add.

In case of Pier, born in Rome, is particular. “I have been in Tenerife since I was six years old and I played in all the lower categories, including the European sub’21. But I never imagined playing in the absolute. When a journalist called me at night to tell me, I did not believe it. Then I was able to return But I got injured, it shouldn’t be a strange thing for outsiders to play. In the case of Laporte, if he is there it is because Luis Enrique spoke with him before and was convinced. This is not the time to be asked about that with the Euro so close, you have to do a group“, he exposes.

The important thing is the group

All of them agree that this Luis Enrique team has options to jump the bank in this Euro and that the presence of Laporte can be important. “I am convinced that, as was my case, Laporte will want to contribute the best to the group to win the title. If it is achieved, as we did, no one will remember this,” he says Senna. They like AymericThey did not hesitate to change their passport to fulfill their dream.

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